What Else Have I Learned

I’ve learned that the understanding of covenant has been lost in a cultural maelstrom of individual satisfaction.

That sporting endeavour is a great way to examine the condition of my heart. That it’s not the psyche that rules your body its the heart. That habits are the path to discipline and discipline forms character.

That Afghan is a beautiful place, with wonderful people, who deserve peace but are under the bondage of lies that result in unspeakable cruelty and brutal oppression. That despite the threats they remain kind, brave and generous.

Not to worry at all, be apprehensive or introspective, for this life will be over much sooner than we expect, as it is every day for our soldiers, and our Afghans friends.

That we must be always on our guard because lies are attractive, beguiling and offer all kinds of false promises to lead us to our destruction.

That people like this man, who is the helper of this woman who is deaf and blind and can only communicate by touch, are an expression of our Father in Heaven’s love for us. We are helplessly lost in our ignorance apart from a God in whose image and likeness we are created.


That despite the endless possibilities that may exist from space exploration, and the wonderful scientific experiments that are to follow, there is no way something can come from nothing and everything Jesus said and did points to Him being the creator of all this and beyond.

That younger women are to be treated as sisters and that certain cheeky images are not beneficial to the man who is living apart from his beautiful wife.

That this conflict has touched the lives of the wealthiest and most powerful and we mustn’t denigrate the anguish and grief of those in position of power.  They are just men as we are with the same struggles and as much in need of love as the next.

That after a season of faithful preparation through work, perseverance and rehearsal we take the plunge and enjoy the journey. There is nothing to fear.


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