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Every Hair on Your Head

Every Hair on Your Head

Since life originating by chance is statistically impossible astronomer John Barrow and mathematical physicist Frank Tipler were forced to conclude that there must be an intelligence that created life. Unwilling to accept the biblical creator they hypothesized that life may evolve to such an advanced degree that it will become an all knowing all powerful omnipresent god that then may be able to create life in the past… No I’m not making this up.




Devotees of the religion of evolution would want us to believe that nothing + time + chance = everything in existence. Sir Fred Hoyle would beg them to apply their reason:

“A common sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a superintendent has monkeyed with the physics, as well as chemistry and biology, and that there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature. I do not believe that any physicist who examined the evidence could fail to draw the inference that the laws of nuclear physics have been deliberately designed with regard to the consequences they produce within stars.” Sir Fred Hoyle

The truth is that the fool says in his heart there is no God. They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good. Psalm 14, The heavens declare the glory of God, they are without excuse, Romans 1.



Some matters I have raised in this blog have proved contentious. I am comfortable with this for when a degree of tension is introduced to debate the condition of people’s hearts is often shown. We have see this manifested in intolerant and discourteous language. So be it for this is the rough and tumble of living in a fallen world where the fool believes in his heart that there is no God. I care for and appreciate those who contribute, no matter how snarky, and really empathise with their situation having been there myself only a little over five short years ago.

From these conversations the reader can be determine whose motives are purer.  And remember as we have seen in the dialogue, though some suppress the truth to varying degrees, apart from God there is no reason, morality or knowledge. However, for this blog entry, in a way to calm stormy waters, I am simply presenting a few truths about the eye. To the open minded reader this will help see the claim that life somehow came from dead matter and then crawled out the primordial goo to become you, is a fairy story for grown ups. Let’s stick to facts:

Consider the human eye. Man has never developed a camera lens anywhere near the inconceivable intricacy of the human eye. The human eye is an amazing interrelated system of about forty individual subsystems, including the retina, pupil, iris, cornea, lens, and optic nerve. It has more to it than just the 137 million light-sensitive special cells that send messages to the unbelievably complex brain. About 130 million of these cells look like tiny rods, and they handle the black and white vision. The other 7 million are cone shaped and allow us to see in color. The retina cells receive light impressions, which are then translated into electric pulses and sent directly to the brain through the optic nerve.

A special section of the brain called the visual cortex interprets the pulses as colour, contrast, depth, etc., which then allows us to see “pictures” of our world. Incredibly, the eye, optic nerve, and visual cortex are totally separate and distinct subsystems. Yet together they capture, deliver, and interpret up to 1.5 million pulse messages per millisecond! Think about that for a moment. It would take dozens of computers programmed perfectly and operating together flawlessly to even get close to performing this task.

The eye is an example of what is referred to as “irreducible complexity.” It would be statistically impossible for random processes, operating through gradual mechanisms of genetic mutations and natural selection, to be able to create forty separate subsystems when they provide no advantage to the whole until the very last state of development. Ask yourself how the lens, the retina, the optic nerve, and all the other parts in vertebrates that play a role in seeing not only appeared from nothing, but evolved into interrelated and working parts. To say that the eye happened without a Designer is ridiculous. If you disagree, try making one yourself.