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It all happens in Bristol – it’s a fine place to live.

Bristol Culture

How do you compare a bouncy Stonehenge on College Green to a graffiti festival? With difficulty. So here is a round-up of the best 10 events in Bristol of 2012, in alphabetical order:

Brisfest made a triumphant return to Ashton Court in late September. Except it wasn’t a return. But it felt like one. The prodigal son of the Ashton Court Festival came back to its rightful home, and it was a wonderful celebration of all things Bristol, with the cider running out and the music going on until dawn. Just a shame that the weather on the Sunday was so miserable.

Brisfest 2012

Eat Drink Bristol Fashion
A group of tipis in Queen Square was the arena where some of Bristol’s best chefs showcased their food during the course of a fortnight between April and June. The Pony & Trap’s Josh Eggleton was the brains behind the ambitious project which saw…

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