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Over the generations men and women have been raised up in Bristol who have had a profound impact on human history. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, always over budget, never to schedule, had a global impact through his visionary leadership. Hannah More, as a well connected member of the establishment, played a crucial role supporting William Wilberforce and paving the way for the abolition of slavery. And George Muller established the model of caring for orphans and preparing them for fruitful lives. However, all these fall under the shadow of Bristol’s greatest, George Whitfield.

George Whitfield went onto the streets and into the fields to preach the Gospel. At Kingswood he preached to around 20,000, many miners, and thousands are said to have been saved. His passion was for the lost, the unsaved and the common man. He left the UK for a second time in 1740 and led the Christian movement in the USA that became known as the Great Awakening. This was the Christian foundation on which USA might was established and made it the greatest nation on earth prevailing against Nazism and the Stalinist might of the Socialist Soviet Republic. He developed a lifelong friendship with Benjamin Franklin.

George was born around 40 years after the man widely recognised as the greatest scientist of all time. However, he and Isaac had a shared understanding of one crucial area, that of creation. They had the wit and the humility to accept that order cannot somehow emerge from chaos, that nothing cannot produce something and that if you have a design then you inevitably have a designer. Here’s Newton’s take on the matter the post-modern mind is so determined to ignore:

“Did blind chance know that there was light and what was its refraction and fit the eyes of all creatures after the most curious manner to make use of it? These and such like considerations always have and ever will prevail with man kind to believe that there is a being who made all things and has all things in his power and who is therefore to be feared.”

“He who thinks half-heatedly will not believe in God; but he who really thinks has to believe in God.”

~Sir Isaac Newton~

We are at present celebrating Bristol’s Lesbian, Bi-sexual-gay-transgender history with details like this:

1746 Bristol was scandalised by the case of Mary Hamilton, the Female Husband, who was convicted of fraud at Taunton for posing as a man and marrying several women, including one in Bristol.

1752 September 19: Richard Arnold, a former pub landlord aged about 60, was caught having sex with William Critchett, a footman aged about 20, in a back room at the Swan alehouse in Broad Street. Both were convicted of felony and buggery in August 1753 and were hanged.

Meanwhile George Whitfield’s memory, who preached a message of salvation for all nations, tongues, tribes and sexual proclivities, passes unnoticed. Welcome to the post-modern cultural mandate.



According to secular publication US News and World Report published on 4 Dec 95 humans have very shallow genetic roots that go back very recently to one ancestor. According to the Bible humans have very shallow genetic roots that go back to one ancestor Genesis 1, Mmm…











You may not scold a blind man for not seeing but you can at least grab a hold of him if you see he’s about to walk over a cliff. Anything other than that would be uncaring and evil. I have to acknowledge though that there is a cunning adversary, whose been at this longer than I, who has many unwitting allies. Why else other than turning a blind eye, could people reject such glaring evidence?

What some evolutionists and scientists will bend over backwards to prove is that all life, yes everything you see, somehow started by accident; order came from disorder, something came from nothing. Have you ever taken nothing and tried to make something – try it some day? I have a problem looking at a building and trying to imagine there’s no designer. Surely when you see a creation; order, information, immaterial, universal and consistence laws of science, maths, logic, morality, it is blatantly obvious that there is a creator – “What ships, I see no ships”.

Firstly, if everything is just a glorious accident, then it has no meaning and no purpose. If life is just an accident, then everything and everyone is just here today and gone tomorrow; in other words, we are coming from nowhere and going nowhere.

Secondly, without God and His laws, ways, precepts and teachings, we would be lost. If there’s no God, then there’s no devil; if there’s no good then there’s no evil, and then everything becomes relative and there are no absolutes anymore. Heaven doesn’t exist, hell doesn’t exist and whatever we do, whether good or bad, is neither here nor there.

What’s good for one person might be bad for another, and who is to say what’s good and evil anyway?

Thirdly, if we all evolved from the same early life form, why do we all look so astonishingly and radically different, and why are some life forms extremely advanced like humans while others are much more basic, like earthworms and slugs?

Fourthly, if evolution is a provable reality, where are all the subspecies, all the creatures that are halfway between one species and another? Where are all the half-men/half-apes?

Fifthly, the way things are set out in the world, our distance from the sun, the way fruit and vegetables grow, the perfect balance of gases to give life to your lungs (which did evolve the plants or the insects to pollinate the plants?) the way rain gives life and all the things on earth are too perfect to be an accident…: Set off a car bomb in a printing press and see if the Magna Carta results because that’s the magnitude of chance the order from chaos theories rest on!

Finally, how can you look on the splendour of a country scene, a group of beautiful snow-capped mountains or a wonderful sunset over a silvery sea, and not see the hand of a Creator in it all? The answer is pride. That’s all. You’re proud. Eternity is a hell of long time to be wrong proud person.