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Scientists recently called a news conference and announced a huge scientific breakthrough. They have designed a machine that turns grass-cuttings into milk. A spokesperson said the brilliantly made machine grinds the grass through rows of metal “teeth,” and then sends it to a total of four different compartmental containers that contain chemicals that turn the green liquid substance into white milk. He also said that the machine could be broken down at any time and used for clothing and food. He then smiled and said the obvious. The announcement was a joke, because scientists didn’t have a clue how to make grass from nothing that would turn into milk, then cream, cheese, butter, yoghurt and ice cream, let alone a machine that could do what the cow does as well as provide leather and meat for human consumption.

Some non-thinkers believe that the cow had no Designer. They believe that it was merely the result of nothing causing rocks that came from nowhere to explode for no reason. Then the scientifically impossible happened–non-life produced life. Sure.


When you live in Africa amongst people who tend not to have been duped by a nonsensical goo to zoo to you theory, you appreciate how Dawkins’ views are so astonishingly imperialistic, and arrogant. A friend told me that the Malawian public education syllabus does include the theory of evolution but he and his wife really couldn’t stop chuckling at the whole preposterous idea. I have met many Malawians in my work here and I can confidently say that the overwhelming majority fall into Dawkins category of ignorant, stupid or insane. You really have to be ignorant, stupid or insane to come out with a statement like this:


How to help the fool, as kindly as possible, see how foolish he really is:

“I have no problem with you being a coward. I have a problem when you try to shove your imaginary friend and his threats down my throat.” Torvus Messorem

There are three points to be made in regard to your comment. Each is hard to state without sounding a little rude. However, I will try to make the points congenial. The first is to point out that if something is going down your throat, your mouth is open. Close your mouth and listen with your ears to the gospel.

The second is that if you think I am shoving something “imaginary” down your throat the threats are also imaginary—they don’t exist. That’s like being upset because Cinderella’s fairy God-mother was threatening to turn you into a pumpkin if you didn’t get to bed by midnight.

The third is an obvious question. If you don’t like the Christian message, why park on a Christian site? Go away to an atheist site where you will feel more comfortable.

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It’s good to be back amongst Africans. I joined a Presbyterian church for worship. One Conrad Mbewe from Zambia, known as the Spurgeon of Africa, was preaching and explained how some believe that we were once fish (primordial goo), we then became reptiles (crawled out the sea) and then he demonstrated how we went from stooped to upright. The congregation found this hilarious. I have been able to explain that people educated beyond their intelligence really believe such things.  I have met many Malawians and so far all I have met would tend to agree with this statement from Steven Hawkins, “it would be very difficult to explain how the universe came about in just this way except by the act of a god who intended to create human beings just like us.” A Brief History of Time.