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Great to know there are disciples in the front lines.

We are the Cliffords

Hello ALL!

Hope you all are well! You may be wondering what we’ve been up to since we returned from our mission, about a month ago! Don’t worry, we have been running (well…slow running for Rachel) around like crazy!

After a mission, you suddenly become very popular and receive invitations to give report-backs at churches, small groups, and radio stations, so John especially has been kept very busy with that, preaching a few times, and giving multiple presentations.

HERE! is the link to our radio interview, where we spoke about our experiences in Zambia, Tanzania, and Namibia!

John has not only been preaching at our home church, but also spoke at 2 missions conferences. One was here in Cape Town, and he encouraged the pastors and leaders there with a thought-provoking exhortation about the message of a missionary. He expounded upon Colossians 1:28-29, challenging the congregation about what they know about…

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Marketing executives, adulterous wives, manipulative girlfriends, and prostitutes all know the power of sex. Sexual autonomy is cherished and raises passions high when it is threatened. Many religious system has codified sexual self control in the form of abstinence as the pinnacle of spiritual purity, a celibate priestly class in the Roman system being an example. It is no wonder findings such as reported here are suppressed:

The Suppression of Truth