Monthly Archives: October 2011

Men have an appetite to be a party to something epic. Who wouldn’t watch Braveheart and not say, “I want to pick up a sword, raise my kilt to an enemy and then slay them for threatening to take what I care for most”?.

Well the creative spirit manifests itself in many ways, but that can mask and inherent warrior spirit.

Let’s face it the Native Americans wore feathers and they were a pretty feisty crew when it came to a scrap. Maybe there’s a clue in the ear jewelry, after all the man we nailed to that cross 2000 years ago was taking the punishment I deserve for my neglect, exploitation and deceit.


I often come across people who are doing things just in case. They follow suspicions like not opening an umbrella indoors just in case, throwing a pinch of salt over a shoulder, or attending a church service.  They are believing the truth of god of ‘just in case’, the trouble is what if, ‘just in case’ is a lie?

This man has a son who is suffering physically and it looks to be breaking his heart. My son doesn’t have to wounded or injured for me to be grieved, I just need to see him taking a path to destruction.

If you are on a train that is thundering down the rails towards a collapsed bridge no amount of running back down the train warning people of the danger will help, you’ve got to jump.


I remember as a child mum would navigate and dad would drive. When there was any doubt about the direction we should take my father would press on regardless. I recall the tensions this produced.  I noticed only the other day when I suspected that I was taking the wrong route the temptation to check around the next corner and the difficulty turning back. CS Lewis said that if you are on the wrong path it’s likely best to stop, turn around and go back to start again. I think I have underestimated how difficult that is for us. It requires my overcoming my pride, admitting defeat and seeking humility. Who is going to say my worldview, the path I have taken, the beliefs I have adopted are wrong and I am willing to reject it all?  This is the point, it needs a miracle. You can sympathise with another’s views, you can be attracted to some of their ideas, and even adopt a few for yourself, but complete surrender? Does that sound just too much?