Why Was Khali Best Suspended?

Has Kahli broken the strict codes of the liberal intelligencia? Tolerance and diversity is a strange bedfellow for the liberal elite who claim that all beliefs are equally valid.

It seems the latest victim is Khali Best. Did he say that there is only one name under heaven by which men may be saved? Looking to the authority of the Bible is strictly off limits. Maybe he made mention of the fact that men and women are created in the image God, with equal value dignity and worth, the same but different. That would be a terrible contravention. The last thing the BBC needs is a loose canon suggesting that somehow a monogamous marriage between a man and woman is the safe, healthy and right place to bring up children.

What about being old fashioned ghetto rapper who speaks his mind of what he believes regarding sex, men, women and life? A short period of correctional training, establishing correct patterns of thought for Mr Best before he is invited back into the multi cultural world of the BBC is necessary. Unless he responds to the agenda like the Russell Brands of the world then no more mainstream for you my son.

  1. chris said:

    All beliefs are not equally valid, in fact we have laws to protect us from them. You made even seek redress form them under our civil and criminal law. Not a good start.

    This is no comment on Khali and the author has not given us a insight into what it is that has been inhibited. We just have to guess. It maybe that he smoked an illigal substance and he was filmed doing it. Despite not being given an insight, the liberal intelligencia get a bashing for unknown crimes and religion gets a plug, for reasons unknown.

    Let’s be quite clear, we have a hangover from a historical observance of religion that has inhibited many of our current customs and traditions. It is possible, for instance, in Scotland to marry in an Abbey, an aesthetically pleasing surrounding for some (sadly not in England – probably those 5th columnists the liberal intelligencia again).

    This is not an excuse for allowing religion to be pushed down our throats. Public institutions should be free from such symbols leaving them to our private time. It’s time we moved to a much more fair secular society.

    If in there own time, individuals want to summon up the devil, worship the sun god Ra or the almighty Odin, then we should all have the tolerance and diversity to allow them.

    The moment any person uses a public institution to further any religious message, it should be stamped out immediately lest we give the more impressionable in society that such crazy views are credible.

    Not sure why this either makes a case for the lack of tolerance of a liberal elite or makes a case for the guiding principals of religion who advocate the gang raping of virgin children [Genesis 19].

  2. My question for Chris would of course be, “could you be wrong about everything you know?”.

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