The Science Behind Pastafarianism RRLLT+C+T=E

The religion of Pastafarianism, followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM), has been thought of as make believe, a story akin to the tooth fairy or Santa. It has no history, no foundation in knowledge and truth and was a construct of a high school student in the US who applied his presuppositions about the origins of the universe, life, the human conscience, and the laws of science, maths and logic.

However, there is is a formula, passively accepted by millions, supporting the FSM. It has credibility amongst the atheistic and naturalistic communities and surprisingly, the supposed strict empiricist community. These folks accept the formula that a really really long long time + chance + nothing = everything (RRLLT+C+N=E). Following this reason then the FSM is a credible god.

Enough people now accept that nothing created everything, through the auspices of a big explosion that unlike every explosion since, didn’t produce chaos but order and design. The immaterial created the material, none-life created life. Therefore the laws of logic, and reason can be by-passed to believe in the FSM, after all it works for the religion of atheism and the religion of agnosticism (I don’t know/can’t know).

Of course there is an alternative and that’s to listen to your conscience, con (with) science (knowledge) repent and believe the Gospel.

Are you seriously going to dismiss thousands of years of biblical history founded on the life and works of Jesus Christ and exchange it for irrationality? Do you have faith and trust in scientists and philosophers whose theories are forever changing? I mean seriously. Do you cherish your sin that much that you would forfeit your very soul for a season of vanity and pleasure?

Get a life.


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