Wise Words for the Fool

How to help the fool, as kindly as possible, see how foolish he really is:

“I have no problem with you being a coward. I have a problem when you try to shove your imaginary friend and his threats down my throat.” Torvus Messorem

There are three points to be made in regard to your comment. Each is hard to state without sounding a little rude. However, I will try to make the points congenial. The first is to point out that if something is going down your throat, your mouth is open. Close your mouth and listen with your ears to the gospel.

The second is that if you think I am shoving something “imaginary” down your throat the threats are also imaginary—they don’t exist. That’s like being upset because Cinderella’s fairy God-mother was threatening to turn you into a pumpkin if you didn’t get to bed by midnight.

The third is an obvious question. If you don’t like the Christian message, why park on a Christian site? Go away to an atheist site where you will feel more comfortable.

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  1. Chris Woods said:

    Another word for word cut and paste from Ray Comfort’s Facebook page.

  2. Absolutely. I thought it a rational response to a peculiar accusation. Did you detect the aggressive tone in Torvus’s message? It is an anger that stems from setting himself up as an adversary to the God he knows exists. It reinforces the biblical portrayal of those who deny God’s existence as ‘fools’, when their God given conscience and creation declare his existence. If I said to you there was no such things as words you wouldn’t reach for a dictionary to prove words you would call me a fool because it is plain to us that words exist. God commands people to repent (Acts 17). You are being given another day to leave the mire of sin you love and put your trust and faith in Jesus Christ.

  3. Chris Woods said:

    It may (or may not) have been a rational response on Ray Comfort’s Facebook page.
    It is not a rational response on your blog. It has no context and its sense is further muddled by you passing off Ray’s word’s as your own.

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