Back in Africa


It’s good to be back amongst Africans. I joined a Presbyterian church for worship. One Conrad Mbewe from Zambia, known as the Spurgeon of Africa, was preaching and explained how some believe that we were once fish (primordial goo), we then became reptiles (crawled out the sea) and then he demonstrated how we went from stooped to upright. The congregation found this hilarious. I have been able to explain that people educated beyond their intelligence really believe such things.  I have met many Malawians and so far all I have met would tend to agree with this statement from Steven Hawkins, “it would be very difficult to explain how the universe came about in just this way except by the act of a god who intended to create human beings just like us.” A Brief History of Time.

  1. J HENRY said:

    Dear Adrian,                        Great to hear that you have moved among the sane and the wise in Africa ! Keep me posted on your prayer requests. We have now moved to London area, so a lot of adjusting to do.                                   Our move went ok until we arrived in the house  Satan threw so many spanners at us in the first 48 hours. Tell you about it one day.Please pray for us that we will be able to stand . Have nearly got front room completely painted out. I have a fortnight off to get it sorted.                                   Look forward to hearing from you.                                                With Christian greetings                                                              Jim


  2. Chris Woods said:

    Hawking’s quote comes from Chapter 8 of ‘A Brief History of Time’. This chapter is called, ‘The Origin and Fate of the Universe’.
    In it, Hawking discusses many different theories for the origin of the universe. To help describe one of the theories he says, “it would be very difficult to explain how the universe came about in just this way except by the act of a god who intended to create human beings just like us.”

    However this theory, is not his preferred theory.

    Hawking actually believes that the Quantum Theory of Gravity allows that there are no boundaries to Space-Time and therefore there was no ‘beginning’ of the universe. He finishes the chapter by saying, “But if the universe is really completely self-contained, having no boundary or edge, it would have neither beginning nor end: it would simply be. What place, then, for a creator?”

    Quantum Theory dictates that there is no need for a god. This is what Hawking really believes. The fact that you have quoted him completely out of context is a deliberate misrepresentation of his real views. It is yet another creationist lie.

  3. Chris Woods said:

    Lying for Jesus.
    I don’t blame you. The brainwashing techniques of evangelists can be very effective.
    You have been lied to and now you are passing on their lies.
    But it is never too late. I will continue to point out your lies each time you post them and, hopefully, one day you will see your falsehoods for what they are.

  4. It’s touching that you should care so much for Malawians. Perhaps you could visit the townships with me some day and share the evolutionary news that we emerged from the primordial goo and over time turned from fish, reptiles and primates into human beings. However, I’ll warn you, these people are less gullible than those immersed in the material plenty of europe. Many I meet find the ideas peddled by your academic gurus, educated beyond their intelligence, hilarious and deserving of the ridicule they receive. Like you they know God exists, but unlike you they have humbled themselves, repented and put their trust and faith in Jesus Christ in light of the glorious Gospel that he died for sinners like you and sinners like me. Humble yourself before the mighty hand of God Chris and he promises to save you, to redeem you from the curse of law under which you live condemned and give you a new heart, new desires and a purpose for your life which is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Thank you for your helpfully illustrative contribution. Keep em coming.

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