Time for Science

  1. Chris Woods said:

    King of the quote-mine, Ray Comfort has made a whole film of quote-mines.
    Even from this short trailer we can see that there is no news here.

    We don’t hear the question, presumably something to do with examples of transitional fossils, but the answer that Craig Stanford gives to Ray is “I can give you thousands.” However it is presented as obfuscation.

    The question put to PZ Myers was that of observable evidence of Darwinian evolution .
    Here is what Professor Myers said of the interview…

    “He asked to interview me for a documentary he’s doing. I agreed because I knew exactly what he was going to ask me…and I was right, there were no surprises at all.
    He started by asking me for evidence of evolution. I tried to explain the evidence for speciation in sticklebacks, but he asked if they were still fish, and when I said they were, he said that didn’t count because they didn’t become a different “kind”, like a dog becoming a cat. So I told him that doesn’t happen in a single lifetime, and that carnivores diverged over 60 million years ago. I suggested he look at fossils, but he rejected that, because he wanted “observable” evidence, and anything that happened millions of years ago isn’t observable. So I said it was, too — fossils and molecular evidence are observable.
    So the usual creationist run-around, where he defines what evidence he’d find acceptable by rejecting historical evidence as nonexistent, and contemporary evidence as too trivial.
    Then he tried the usual stunt: “Are you a good person?” “Yes.” “Have you ever told a lie?” “Yes, but that a person has flaws doesn’t make them a bad person. The overall estimation of an individual’s character is not determined by one mistake.” And then he dropped the whole line of discussion.
    It was as pointless as I expected. I think I managed to frustrate his usual line of patter, which was the best I could hope for anyway.”

    The question put to Gail Kennedy was so odd that she looks genuinely confused. “..The observable evidence of Darwinian evolution of bacteria becoming bacteria…is still bacteria, there’s no change of kinds.” Any scientist would look confused when confronted by the creationist category of ‘kinds’ as there is no answer to this inane question. Comfort however uses her expression to make her look foolish. Well done Ray, great scientific proof.
    Using Ray’s definition of ‘observable evidence’ we obviously aren’t going to have any because the evidence he demands takes millions of years… and he knows it.

    This will be a whole film of quote-mines and deliberate misrepresentations of both science and scientists. Classic Ray Comfort. I should imagine Creditaction will enjoy this film immensely.

  2. Chris Woods said:

    Why are you even asking me this?
    I have explained my position on quote-mining many times.

  3. Chris Woods said:

    Only a week to go before this film comes out.
    I fully expect a load of posts from you in quick succession.
    Don’t let me down.

  4. Chris Woods said:

    Is quote mining wrong?

    Here are some direct quotes from Ray with regard to this film. These are cut and pasted directly from Ray Comfort’s own website. (From the blog post titled, “Selectively editing” PZ Myers.)

    This is what Ray says about the PZ Myers interview…

    ‘Of course it was “selectively edited.” That’s what editors do.’
    ‘I am going to misrepresent him in the upcoming movie “Evolution vs. God.”’
    ‘So PZ, you were of course “selectively edited” (as was every person in the movie)’

    Quote mining. Right or wrong?

  5. Chris Woods said:

    I have just sat through all 38 minutes of Evolution Vs God.
    Even by Ray’s pitifully low standard, it is poor work indeed.
    Ray’s questions are devoid of science. He spends more time doing the Good Person Test and lecturing on life after death than anything else. I don’t have a problem with this per se… but as an argument against evolution?… Pathetic.

  6. Chris Woods said:

    Hi Adrian,

    Do you want to discuss any of the points Ray makes in this film?
    I apologise for the tone of my previous comment but I really was very disappointed in this movie. After all the hype, I found it to be very short on substance indeed.
    Still, as I say, if there is anything you would like to comment on, please do.

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