Bankruptcy Dawned

  1. Chris said:

    “Think more about how randomly induced mutations can produce new and better structures”. Your average GSCE student would not stumble on such a simple question, when this professor does, you should begin to be very, very wary. Especially when he had such great credentials. It is beyond any reasonable possibility that the professor would have reacted this way since the theory is so well know, established and only challenged by lunatic faith communities who will stop at nothing to warp anything and everything for their own selfish agenda. “I’ll probably have to think more about it!”, is that question so profound? Is it the first time it has appeared in this debate – what a joke.

    The whole point is they are random! So those that fit the offspring to their environment better, will succeed over those who got no mutation or received a negative one. The theory is simple and more than adequate evidence has been provided for it.

    “The fact we are hear is proof of evolution”. This is deliberately simplistic as to distort the reality of the theory and evidence. Are you mad, do you really think we buy this? That a professor of evolution would have stated something like this? It’s pathetic and laughable – I pity those that took the time to assemble this garbage.

    Reeling out these cherry picked “intelectual” supporters of creationism, does nothing for the debate. Because it the case against Creationism is rolled out, the weight in the opposite direction is overwhelming. Yes individuals are entitled to their opinion, and I would die fighting for them to have it, but there are lines to be drawn when zealot pedal this high toxic and harmful religious propaganda.

    Even if Richard Lumsdan had “found” something that needed to be address is the theory – it took him no closer to evidence of a creator god. However, the “discovery”, if you can call it that, lead him to a remarkable “epiphany” – in short – What a load of bolocks!

    The jump is illogical, because if you use the same deductive process he uses to tell of of his difficulties with evolution to creation, no reasonable person could suggest creationism has a hope. The consensus is firmly with evolution, no one outside the religious community thinks otherwise allowing us to safely to ignore the rantings of these crackpots.

    Again, it is not surprising that another agenda is afoot.

    This is clear evidence to anyone with an open mind that this shows how morally bankrupt the religious community really is.

    • Chris Woods said:

      Two points about Lumsden that I believe are pertinent to his epiphany.

      1) Lumsden was raised as a Lutherian and attended church weekly as a child.
      2) Two years before he died, he spoke of his time before finding God. He said, “Being an atheist is really scary. There was a lot of tension that wouldn’t go away. It was hard to sleep at night.”

      Are these the words of a staunch atheist who discovered creationism first and God second?… Or are they the words of a man indoctrinated into Christianity as a child and was never able to completely ignore its threats of eternal damnation?

  2. It is our pre-suppositions that are afoot. Yours being that order came from chaos. A brief synopsis being that this rock exploded from which life evolved. From the primordial goo, into the zoo, and millions of years later evolved you. My pre-supposition being that God, who is eternal, majestic and all powerful created the universe as an outpouring of his love and goodness. Knowing that man would sin, out of his kindness he sent His only begotten Son as our saviour, to take the punishment we deserve for our offence against a Holy, Righteous and Just God.

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