A Volunteer Not a Victim

A Volunteer Not a Victim

Many evolutionists have determined that the question of the origin of life on earth is answered by the idea known as Panspermia, Panspermia teaches that life floated down from outer space. Yes, these evolutionists are adults who drive automobiles!

  1. Chris said:

    It already sounds more convincing that Intelligent design… but why seek this out an knock it? There are lots of crazy theories out there… one even believes that their profit came back to life!

  2. Just saying that if you see design reason dictates there is a designer. Ask your evolutionary friends, what came first the flowers or the insects to pollinate the flowers? Remember the resurrection of the prophet you speak is recorded in human history by eye witnesses to the events, in the most reliable manuscripts in all antiquity. There is no escaping human history revolves around that homeless Galilean carpenter who you blaspheme. Men’s tried to quiet him, accusing him of blasphemy and arranging for his murder at the hands of a professional Roman executioner. Like all man’s pathetic efforts to stifle the Truth, from the Pharisees through Hitler and Stalin, to Mohammed and Dawkins, they failed. And they fail because God is sovereign and men are fools; blinded by their self righteousness and hatred of God.

  3. Chris Woods said:


    You said, “if you see design reason dictates there is a designer.”
    I say… If you drop a tin of paint and it creates a beautiful pattern on the floor, is the pattern designed by me or is it a wonderful design created by natural forces.

    You said, “what came first the flowers or the insects to pollinate the flowers?”
    I say… The insects. Simple as that.
    The world is covered with plant species that pollinate using the wind alone. Around 200 million years ago a small percentage of beetles started to eat pollen and drink nectar from the earliest proto-flowers and a partnership developed. These insects then evolved into relying on the nectar for sustenance and plants evolved to rely on the insects instead of the wind for pollination. Even creationists must concede that some species change their diets according to circumstance. (What did koalas eat on the ark?)

    You said, “the resurrection of the prophet you speak is recorded in human history by eye witnesses to the events, in the most reliable manuscripts in all antiquity.”
    I say… The Qur’an is the Word of God revealed by the angel Gabriel to Muhammad. There is absolutely no doubt as the historicity of Muhammad. His life is well documented by numerous sources.
    According to the Qur’an, Jesus was not crucified…
    ‘That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah”;- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-
    Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise;-
    —Qur’an, sura 4 (An-Nisa) ayat 157-158’
    So it would seem your eye witness accounts are wrong.

    You said, “human history revolves around that homeless Galilean carpenter.”
    I say… Modern humans have been around for around 200,000 years. I think it supremely arrogant of you to say that history revolves around someone from only 2000 years ago. (Even from the creationist point of view of 6000 years!)

    You said, “Like all man’s pathetic efforts to stifle the Truth, from the Pharisees through Hitler and Stalin, to Mohammed and Dawkins, they failed.”
    I say… Currently, Christianity accounts for about 32% of the World’s population and this figure is dropping. Islam accounts for around 22% and this figure is rising fast. It will be only a few years before Islam overtakes Christianity as the World’s number one religion. Are you sure Muhammad failed?

    You said, “God is sovereign and men are fools.”
    I say… Very true. But I’m sure that it isn’t me that keeps foolish on this blog.

    Chris Woods

    • Beautiful paint pot analogy, thank you. Let me extend your logic. If you came across discarded tins of paint around a copy of Constable’s Hay Wain and I tried to tell you that when the paint tins dropped from a high shelf forming this painting by chance and I could prove it through statistical probabilities, you would look at the intricate creative design of the painting, look at me and come to the obvious conclusion. To suggest paint could drop from tins and form into the simplest design, let alone the Hay Wain, is a crazy idea. Do you see? I am trying to reason with you, please think about it.

      Likewise, look at God’s creation, it’s beautifully and intricately designed. So why can’t you see it? Well the Bible explains. It says that you suppress the truth in your unrighteousness,…, since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen,…, you are without excuse. It says that you profess to be wise but are a fool (Romans 1).

      Evolution is a fairy story for grown ups.

      • Chris Woods said:

        Let’s extend the paint pot theory further…
        If I did see the empty paint pots around The Haywain, I would consider it most unlikely that the paint should land in the recognisable shapes of dog, trees, house and cart. (Possible but extremely unlikely.)

        But your analogy doesn’t work if you are an evolutionist.

        Imagine life has evolved on a different planet where the gravity was much less and the temperatures were much higher. Maybe the inhabitants there are not even carbon based lifeforms. They are amorphous floating shapes of colour. If we were to show them an image of Constable’s Haywain it would look like a mess of nonsensical splodges of brown and green to them. But if we showed them an image of the canvas with the dropped tin of paint, they might easily recognise it as a portrait of a relative. They would not believe that the portrait could be produced by chance.

        The point Adrian, is that you believe humans and all life exist to an original plan. I know that that isn’t the case. You have spoken elsewhere of ‘setting off a car bomb in a printing press and seeing if the Magna Carta results’ but that’s only because you know of the Magna Carta. History didn’t have to turn out this way. Evolution didn’t have to turn out this way. There was no original plan so anything could happen, including the existence of humans.

        You see a statue of Monty or an elephant and say that there must be a creator. Yes you are right. These creations match so closely the images of a WWII general and a well known pachyderm, that the chance they were created without a creator are too great to believe.
        But if humans and elephants didn’t exist then they wouldn’t look like anything in particular. They would just be blobs of fibreglass and metal, and therefore could have been created by chance.

        Let me try it another way. Imagine two different card tricks.

        Card Trick One
        I ask you to shuffle a deck of cards and then lay them out, face up, in a long line. I then hand you a book and ask you to read it. On page one is a picture of the first card. On page two is a picture of the second card, and so on for all fifty-two cards.
        This would be more than coincidence. The chances of me having a book like this are trillions upon trillions to one. For it to happen by chance is essentially impossible.

        Card Trick Two
        Pretend we haven’t done Card Trick One.
        I ask you to shuffle a deck of cards and then lay them out, face up, in a long line. I look at the cards and say, “Well, I never would have guessed that.” I do not give you a book because there is no book.
        I suspect you wouldn’t be very impressed with this trick. Why not though? The chances of me ever laying these cards out in this order again are zero. The outcome of this trick is exactly the same as in Card Trick One. Exactly the same cards in exactly the same order. The only difference is that in Card Trick One, you have a book that tells you this is how it should be. But whether the book exists or not has no bearing on the order of cards.

        You quite rightly believe that the chances of early cells containing DNA evolving into humans is next to impossible. And you are right to believe that. (This is the Creationists view. Card Trick One.)

        I also believe that the chances of early cells containing DNA evolving into humans is next to impossible. But those cells had to evolve into something and one of the things just happens to be humanity. But it could have been anything because no one was predicting the way evolution should go. (ie. There is no book with the order laid out. This is the evolutionary atheists view. Card Trick Two.)

        Does any of this make sense to you? I suspect not.
        Try to just put the Bible to one side for a moment. I’m not asking you to forget about it. Please pick it up again in five minutes. Please just for a little while, imagine that there was no grand plan; That we are not made in God’s image and read through the two card tricks again. Remember that the final outcome is exactly the same. In both cases the cards lie in exactly the same order. The only difference is that you have a book that tells you this is how it should be.

        Finally, if you still think that Card Trick One is amazing, don’t forget two things…
        1) It is a trick and not real magic.
        2) Your book, (the Bible), was actually written after the cards were laid out, (humans evolved), not before as in Trick One.

  4. Chris Woods said:


    This is an interesting new tack you have taken. Instead of quote mining scientists, you have decided to just ridicule evolutionists.
    But before we go any further, can I point out that the origin of life HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EVOLUTION!
    The theory of evolution is the theory of how life evolves. Not how life started.

    Now that we have cleared that up, panspermia is certainly not believed by all evolutionists. (For example, I have a very good Christian friend who believes that life on Earth was created by God and then evolved into all the species that we now see.)
    Panspermia certainly isn’t believed by all atheists either. Most of my atheist friends believe that life is likely to start independently on trillions of planets throughout the universe.
    Having said that, if one bears in mind the number of rocks from space that hit our planet each year, I think the possibility of some carrying bacteria more than possible.

    If you think that panspermia is ridiculous, let me list some widely held Creationist beliefs…
    1) The dinosaur Kronosaurus could breathe fire and was impossible to domesticate.
    2) Beowulf’s Grendel was actually a T. Rex.
    3) T. Rex was vegetarian…
    4)… as were Sharks. Perhaps, before the Fall instead of detecting blood in the water from half a kilometre sharks could detect the scent of sea lettuce. Maybe their electrical sensors could detect the faint electrical field of kelp which it would hunt down and chew with its multiple sets of razor sharp teeth. Sharks are not known as the ultimate vegetable killing machines for nothing.
    5) Angels have six wings. Only two of them however are used for flying. The other four are used for covering their faces and feet.
    6) Bananas prove the existence of God.
    7) God communicates with man using radio waves.
    8)The speed of light used to be 70,000 times faster than it is today.
    9) By 1900 all large ships were built to the same proportions as the Ark!
    10) It was easy for all the dinosaurs to fit on the Ark as not all of them were very big.
    11) The animals on the Ark were kept in a comatose state so that they didn’t have to be fed.
    12) Ventilation on the Ark was provided by some animals harnessed to fans.
    13) It had never rained before the Flood. That is why there had not been a rainbow until after.
    14) When koalas left the Ark they didn’t just eat eucalyptus leaves. It was only after they travelled over the ice during Earth’s one and only ice age to Australia that they evolved, (within their kind obviously) to just eat eucalyptus.
    15) Jesus Christ managed to revitalise his dead brain cells, remix his plasma and blood cells into a living fluid, overcome the effects of rigor mortis, had the strength to roll a 2 ton stone up an incline but couldn’t do anything about his external scarring. (Or was he just looking for sympathy?)
    16) God created some fungi on day 3, some fungi on day 5 and some fungi on day 6. Fungi is obviously very tricky to create.
    17) It took God 120 hours to create the Earth and everything on it. It took Him 24 hours to create trillions upon trillions of galaxies, stars, planets, asteroids and spacedust.

    Adrian, perhaps you would like to tell me which of the above you agree with?
    Could you also tell me if you are allowed to drive an automobile?

    Chris Woods

  5. Your card analogy does make sense because before I became a Christian I also bought into the nonsense that order can evolve from chaos through a series of random chances over millions of years. I understand your rational, for it once was mine.

    By the way I simply love your list, I really do. They are a caricature of God’s creative hand. Rather than unpacking each they can be explained by considering some of the attributes of God, namely his eternal power and divine nature. You see he holds the Universe in the span of his hand. This means he’s big, way bigger than you. He also knows the number of hairs on your head. You see he’s into the detail so fungi is no challenge for him. By the way there is adaption within kinds, which explains for example the amazing variety of dogs and the changes in the beaks of Darwin’s famous finches.

    Furthermore, he’s the giver of life. He therefore reserves the ability to resurrect himself from the tomb having first laid down his life so sinners like you and I may, by his gift, receive forgiveness. God is at liberty to do what he wishes with the natural processes he put in motion when he created the world. That includes the pace of radioactive decay, the life of carbon, and the nature of all the building blocks of life; amino acids et al. He is sovereign over what he creates, and that includes you and I.

    This is wonderful for we have at our disposal the creation to examine, explore, enjoy and steward. That’s why the universal, unchanging and abstract laws of science, mathamatics, logic and absolute morality exist so that we can appreciate His creation. You cannot know anything without borrowing from the Christian worldview. Seeing as you, and may I say in a most articulate manner, show that you know lots of stuff, it follows that you know God exists.

  6. Chris Woods said:

    Can’t say I agree with your conclusion but thanks for the compliment.

  7. You’re welcome. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. We are divided by profoundly different truth claims, yet united in our willingness to disagree agreeably.

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