Theories Supported by Artistic Licence.

Theories Supported by Artistic Licence.

How did new biochemical pathways, which involve multiple enzymes working together in sequence, originate? Every pathway and nano-machine requires multiple protein/enzyme components to work.  How did lucky accidents create even one of the components, let alone 10 or 20 or 30+ at the same time, often in a necessary programmed sequence? Evolutionary biochemist Franklin Harold wrote, “we must concede that there are presently no detailed Darwinian accounts of the evolution of any biochemical or cellular system, only a variety of wishful speculations.”

I have learned that Jim Pappa is the author of the quote above so I want to give him the thanks and credit.

  1. Chris Woods said:


    Your entire post is a word-for-word cut and paste from an article by the creationist Jim Pappas.
    I don’t have a problem with this per se… However do you have any idea of what any of it means? (And I mean any of it!)

    Franklin Harold’s quote comes from his book, “The Way of the Cell.”
    In this book he examines, in great detail, E-coli bacteria and attempts to extrapolate a ‘meaning’ to life. In fact parts of the book are pure philosophy, not science.
    He attempts to explain how cells actually form. ie. From where do they get their structure? The precise mechanism is still not known for sure however Harold has a theory…
    He has invented a new method of cellular activity called the ‘field’. Despite him proposing the theory in 2001, as far as I know he is the only biochemist in the world to believe in the ‘field’.
    When Franklin published his book, he ignored a great deal of research previously done by other biochemists as their work didn’t fit with his theory. He has published nothing new since.
    Due to the huge amount of evidence in favour of evolution, Franklin is an evolutionist and has no doubt that the age of the universe is measured in billions of years. He does however have doubts that what we currently know about DNA doesn’t completely explain the process of cellular reproduction. However this has not stopped people who believe the entire universe was created in 6 days, 6000 years ago, from quoting him… So why are you quoting him?

    I ask again, do you have any idea of what Pappas’ quote means or do you just trawl creationist websites, cutting and pasting any old nonsense you find?

    If you could answer this question without asking me whether I am prepared to stand in front of maker etc. I would appreciate it.


  2. Sure. My purpose is to show inconsistencies in the evolutionary body of knowledge. I recognise that we have different pre-suppositions and I have no problem with you telling me that I am wrong to trust the Bible as God’s inspired Word and that it is foolishness to believe Jesus took the punishment we deserve, conquering sin, death and hell.

    So anyway, this evening I listened to a report on BBC Radio Four about DNA. Marvellous. I was fascinated to learn how the cells in a fertilised embryo have to travel considerable distances and know just the right place to locate as a life grows. With my Biblical knowledge that we were wonderfully and frighteningly knit together in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13), this information reinforces my understanding and awe at God’s amazing grace to give us life and bless us with children. I am not sure what an evolutionist does with this information as the statistical chances of anything so complex evolving from the primordial goo is so enormously remote as to be implausible.

    The big idea is to ultimately point people to Jesus Christ, and see them saved. God would have none perish and commands all men to repent (Acts 17:30). I guess with my staunch atheist friends I am seeking to at least sow a degree of intrigue about the biblical narrative, the behaviour of the early church after Jesus Christ’s resurrection and remember that nothing cannot create something. By the way the first law of thermodynamics doesn’t allow for that anyway. Furthermore, how uncaring would it be to know how terrible a matter is to fall into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10:31) and at least not seek to warn those I profess to care about?

    I am trying to be gentle, patient and caring even though I can seem kinda snarky occasionally. Thank you for the question and the helpful information about Franklin Howard. I hope my answer is satisfactory. Adrian

  3. Chris said:

    “My purpose is to show inconsistencies in the evolutionary body of knowledge.” It can only be a selfish pursuit by the blogger to reinforce his dangerous prejudice towards a creator God. This should not be tolerated. Those who use these techniques are rightfully being exposed as charlatans.

    I have spoken to the blogger and he claims that “Quote Mining” is justified, despite being utterly vilified by the whole of the academic community, because scientists “slip” and he’s there ready to expose them. This is visibly a highly distorted view and utter nonsense.

    “Plucking at straws” does not do any justice to this ridiculous strategy and should tell any reader all they need to know without the great scientific rebuttal and exposé introduced by Mr Woods above.

  4. Remember Chris faith in evolution is often maintained in opposition to the facts. Was HJ Lipson Professor of Physics at University of Manchester “slipping” when he said, “Evolution became in a sense a scientific religion. Almost all scientists have accepted it and many are willing to bend their observations to fit in with it.”?

  5. Chris said:

    The abuse of words[in this case “belief”]is an attempt to somehow present the facts in a debate as somehow equal in weight; this is of course laughable to everyone except those whose arguments rely upon them. The Blogger is constantly exposed yet tries to use accepted values of assessing evidence and reason when quote mining, but refuses to maintain them when considering the existence of a creator God.

    If this were to happen, there would be no debate and non of this ridiculous bashing of almost every major theory that ever existed.

  6. Chris Woods said:


    With regard to your quote from HJ Lipson Professor of Physics, please bear in mind the following…

    1) Lipson is a physicist. Not an evolutionary biologist. Not a bio-chemist. Not a palaeontologist.
    If you wanted the opinions on what dentists thought about dentistry, would you ask a dentist or a chiropodist?… So why quote a physicist regarding the views of evolutionary scientists?

    2) Lipson has no doubt whatsoever as to evolution being a fact. Please read below the following quote from Lipson…
    “Several people have given clear indications that they do not understand Darwin’s theory. The Theory does not merely say that species have slowly evolved: that is obvious from the fossil record.”
    So once again I ask; why are you quoting evolutionists in order to help disprove evolution?

    3) Your continued use of quote mining deliberately misrepresents the people you are quoting. Deliberate misrepresentation is nothing more than a lie. However this is what I have come to expect from you.
    Your initial post is a direct cut-and-paste from Jim Pappas but you have deliberately not credited his name and passed it off as your own. You are bearing false witness Adrian.

    It is my belief that when you die, you brain will cease to work and your body will either be turned to ashes or be left to slowly rot down. And that will be an end of it.
    It is your belief however that when you die, you will have to stand before God and he will be forced, out of love, to punish you for all eternity for breaking one of his ten holy laws.

    Chris Woods

  7. Chris Woods said:

    I see you have now credited Pappas with his quote. But this will not prevent you from burning for all eternity.

    I doubt whether you will desist in your incessant quote mining of scientists in order to misrepresent their true views.

    Deliberate misrepresentation is still lying and God knows this. – When it comes to Judgement day, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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