I Have a Problem

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  1. Chris said:

    Random leap from a list of reasons why a benign loving God would not preside over misery to fleeting claim about the forgiveness of a historical character whose mere existence is sufficient to explain away this awful dichotomy. He then launches (with gentle music in the background) some gross assalut on some undefined group who will be “forever dammed to everlasting punishment” – very forgiving! He claims to pray for them! If his religion has already destined this sadistic fate to them, why would he bother?

    Then despite revealing some of the worlds human tragedies (designed to make this peice of junk moderate, compassionate and empathetic to humanity) you’ll never guess what happens… he “forgets”. Yes that about sums religion up. Forget the worlds ills and preach that don’t believe my nonsense will be “forever dammed to everlasting punishment”. Top draw stuff this.

    This is the most tragic thing I have watched in some time. I can only hope for ever already heavily distorted mind it placated, there will be 100’s more suddenly realising the awful damage this type of faith has on humanity.

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