What come first the immune system or the need for it?

Was there an elephant maker or did this model elephant seen in Cardiff come about by accident?

How could such errors (mutations) create 3 billion letters of DNA information to change a microbe into a microbiologist or, for that matter, an elephant? `There is information for how to make proteins and also for controlling their use – much like a cookbook contains the ingredients as well as the instructions for how and when to use them. One without the other is useless. Mutations are known for their destructive effects, including over 1000 human diseases such as haemophilia. Rarely are they even helpful. But how can scrambling existing DNA information create a new biological pathway or nano-machines with many components, to make ‘goo-to-you’ evolution possible? I am desperate to find out the line of reasoning that my evolutionist friends follow to get where they do.

  1. Please ask your evolutionist friends whether it is a mutation or a planned change in design?

  2. Chris Woods said:


    Unlike most of your posts, this is quite an intelligent question.
    But then, it’s not your question is it.
    The entire post is cut and pasted, word of word from a page on
    Furthermore,, cut and pasted it from a longer piece written by an 18 year old called, Jacob Hunter Green Sr. You can find it here,

    Jacob was given a scientific, evolutionary answer to his question by a young man called Cirbyn. Jacob thanked Cirbyn for his answer.
    You won’t be surprised to learn that did not copy Cirbyn’s answer, even though it was on the same page. This is because are not actually interested in truth or science.
    Like Creditaction, they are interested in misinformation and deceit.

    I advise that anyone interested in this post, follow the link and read both the question and answers in full.
    Cirbyn has also provided links to two web pages, one of which contains some very complex science for those that can understand it.

    Here though, is Cirbyn’s answer in brief.

    “Added DNA letters, and gene duplication, both add information. If that additional information provides an advantage, then it is naturally selected and becomes common throughout the population. Then new mutations add additional DNA letters or duplicated genes and the process continues and builds.

    I’ll also add that it’s not always necessary to add information to produce beneficial new physiological effects. Often removing information produces such outcomes, by changing the configuration of a protein or by removing a protein altogether which had effects that are no longer helpful. And of course information can also simply be changed, without adding to or deleting from the total amount.

    Evolution does not “scramble” existing DNA information. It tinkers with it. The information in DNA is not like information in a book. You can’t really tinker with letters in a book without decreasing the meaning. But DNA produces proteins, not words. The sequence of amino acids in the proteins determines the shapes of those proteins. The “meaning” is in the shape, because that is what allows the proteins to do what they do as they interact with other molecules in the cell. Most changes to the DNA (even in the coding regions) produce no or only slight changes in the shape of the protein, so tinkering is possible.”

    I hope that answers your, (sorry), Jacob’s question.

    Chris Woods

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