According to secular publication US News and World Report published on 4 Dec 95 humans have very shallow genetic roots that go back very recently to one ancestor. According to the Bible humans have very shallow genetic roots that go back to one ancestor Genesis 1, Mmm…

  1. Chris Woods said:

    Adrian, you continue to quote scientists from creationist websites.
    The ICR love quote-mining but never put the quotes into context.
    Below is another quote from Michael Hammer. Please pay particular attention to the last sentence.

    “Our work has shown, as has others, that the Y chromosome diversity we see in men today traces back to a single man who lived probably in Africa. And when I say a single man, we have to be cautious in how we interpret that. There were many men living at the time, but because of the way the Y chromosome is inherited, as you trace it back in time it has to trace to a single common ancestor. Just as a boy’s Y chromosome today traces to his dad, his grandfather, his great-grandfather; it’s not tracing to his other grandfathers and great-grandfathers and grandmothers, obviously because they don’t have a Y chromosome. But the grandfathers who didn’t bear the son didn’t transmit their Y chromosome to the next generation. So, it has to ultimately trace back to a single man. One of many men living in the population at the time.”

    Furthermore, elsewhere in the original article he specifically dates what he means as ‘recent’ as 188,000 years ago. (Not 6,000.)

    Your quote therefore has no bearing in the creation v evolution debate as both sides agree.

    If you are to continue trawl creationists sites for scientific quotes to help prove your beliefs, please do a little of your own research first. Ken Ham and co. aren’t to be trusted.

  2. Thank you. You’re are an open minded inquiring person so here’s a thought. Hammer can seek to qualify the finding with his own evolutionary worldview however, there is no escaping what the science proved is there. Taking the evidence and harmonising it with the record of human history in the Bible is the rational and scientific thing to do (using history with science is how evidence is presented in our law courts, isn’t it).

    You can alternatively extrapolate the evidence to support the premise that we emerged from the primordial swamp, shuffled out of the sea, and evolved over millions and millions of years into the meticulously designed homo sapiens we see today. However,in the absence of a shred of evidence for the goo, to zoo to you proposal, no transitional species in the fossil record, then is a rotten foundation for his many men theory and needs a degree of faith greater than mine.

    Ask you evolutionary friend this, “what came first the flower, or the insect to pollinate the flower, and how did one survive without the other?”

    “This is what the Lord says–your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb: I am the Lord, who has made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth by myself…,” Isaiah 44:24

  3. Chris Woods said:

    “What came first the flower, or the insect to pollinate the flower, and how did one survive without the other?”

    Do you honestly believe that this question helps in this debate? Can you really not see an answer here? Has Ray and Kirk brainwashed you to such an extent that you believe everything they say without thinking about it for even a second?…

    Okay then. I shall write this slowly so that you understand…

    There are many plants today that pollinate quite happily by themselves without the help of insects.
    Wind borne pollination was around millions of years before the first insects started to pollinate plants.
    Some of this pollen was eaten by insects whilst still on the pollen bearing parts of the plant…
    And some pollen was accidentally transferred to the body of the insect which was then transferred to the female part of the next plant visited.
    Flowers then slowly evolved through a process of natural selection as the easier it was for an insect to find, and the more worthwhile it was, with extra goodies like nectar, the more plants were pollinated.
    At the same time as these flowers were evolving, some insects were evolving and were coming to rely on the nectar also produced.

    So the very simple answer to your question is ‘insects came first by several million years.’

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