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Hot dogs and waffles. A winning combination of foodstuffs if ever there was one. At Stray Dogs, these are not any old hot dogs either but “haute” dogs, served from a street vending cart that can now be found inside The Bank of Stokes Croft every day between 11am and 10pm.

Following in the footsteps of Bagel Boy in the Elbow Rooms, Stray Dogs have a permanent presence in The Bank until it is returned to its usual usage as a bar.

The new business is the brainchild of the head chefs at the Robin Hood’s Retreat and Zazu’s Kitchen, so quite some calibre, and one that they say comes as a result of years talking about and searching for the perfect meal, “that holy grail of food that we still want to eat, even after a long day spent in the kitchen”.

Their take on the classic chilli cheese…

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