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This rant on the Facebook page of Bodyform by a man hoodwinked by their commercials of fun, active women on their period as a boy, only to be bitterly disappointed when he found out the brutal truth as a man, has gone viral with more than 85,000 likes.

The subsequent video response from Bodyform to Richard Neil’s rant was made in Bristol by viral advertising specialists Rubber Republic. “This May Be the Best Response Ever to a Facebook Rant — Period”, wrote Mashable when they covered the story here.

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  1. You left this comment on my blog but I don’t get into these types of things on my blog. “Hi Kimberly, I noticed you liked Graeme’s post in mybroom. I thought I would offer another take on his idea for our shared consideration:

    Graeme, You start with the phrase, ‘many christians…’ Who are these many christians, from where do you get your information? The Bible says that ‘For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death’ 2 Corr, 7,10 (ESV). Martin Luther, the 16th century protestant reformer, said in the first line of his treaty at Wittenburg, ‘the life of a Christian is one of repentance’. Jesus said, recorded in John 3:36 said, “he who believes in the Son has eternal life, whoever does not obey the shall not see life but the wrath of God remains upon Him” (ESV). Jesus took the penalty we all deserve, for our sins, once and as recorded in John 19,30 said from the Cross, “it is finished”. Our salvation was secured. What ‘many christians’ say or do is not my concern for I do not have the power or authority to discern their thoughts however, the Bible clearly teaches ‘all’ christians to repent and put their trust and faith in the Lord, to be born again with new passions and desired, with a heart of flesh replacing the heart of stone. That’s the good news of the Gospel.”

    Maybe this is something you should say on Graeme’s blog. Thank you for the comment though! 🙂

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