Hub or Rim?

In a recent newsletter James MacGreggor addressed an issue that is commonplace, that of the busy boss.  He said:

 “Here’s something that I hear about and don’t understand. Why are those who believe themselves to be in charge, who deem themselves to be the centers of things, often the busiest?

Surely, the closer you are to the center of things, the slower you need to move, the less you need to do, to get somewhere new. It’s not nonsense. Consider the wheel, specifically the rim and the hub.

As the wheel turns, a spot on the rim moves much faster than a spot on the hub. The further the spot is from the hub, the faster it must move to keep up. At the dead center, the speed is zero, no matter how far the wheel rolls.

Here’s the really interesting bit. Even though they are traveling at different speeds, the hub and the rim always get there at the same time. Real leaders know this, which is why they are the calm centers that make rapid movement and frenzied activity possible.”

Are you a busy boss or a real leader?  Maybe you are both.  There are times when you nail the empathetic, decisive, and unambiguous.  People look to you for guidance then plot courses that are tuned to your direction.  Then there are those seasons of frustration. Despite your clear instructions people singularly fail you, charting unprofitable courses that take us further from the organization’s goals.  You counsel, mentor, hire and fire and eventually get the response that takes us on the path to success.  What’s that all about?


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