Mastery of the Animal Kingdom

Did you see any Olympic Dressage?  What an amazing testimony to mankind’s dominion over the  animal kingdom.  It reminded me of seeing people riding the Orca Whales in the Sealife Centre Florida just a remarkable testimony to how infinitely different we are to the animals.  Scientific theory would have me believe that I am a turbo-charged ape who has evolved from the pri-mordial goo, to the zoo to you.  It really is nonsense with no evidence, where are the many transitional forms that should be in the fossil record? No information is being added during genetic mutations. The truth is during genetic mutations information is either lost or replicated, new information, which would be necessary for a species to evolve, is never added.  Something to think about.  You know, as well as I do, that we believe lies because they are beguiling, attractive and convincing.  I spent most of my adult life believing a lie.  You can get people together, take a vote, and decide something is permissible, but that still won’t turn lies into truth no matter how many people believe them.


  1. You make a good point. However, I am wondering what is at the crux of your posts regarding evolution. I am wondering whether you somehow feel threatened, or would feel inferior, if the animals would be considered equal as creations of God? It is a privilege that humans have dominion over the animals. We were all created in the heart and mind of God. Or, is it just the blatant truth about the limitation of the scientific community that irks you so much?

  2. I guess I am seeking to expose the subterfuge that accompanies the evolutionary meta-narrative that their scientific theory is somehow fact. I say to my evolutionary friends, I love dearly, that I am astounded in their belief that something can come from nothing, it takes a degree of faith that dwarfs mine. At least as a Christian I have substantive historical evidence for Jesus Christ’s resurrection to accompany the revealing of God’s truth through the Holy Spirit and the power of His Word.

    • Thank you for your reply. It puts your position into perspective. Much appreciated.

  3. Ask your evolutionary friends, what evolved first, the flower or the insect to pollinate it?

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