If He Didn’t Know Then He Sure Knows Now

I didn’t realise the complexity of DNA.  Had Charles Darwin known the intricate design that has gone into each and every one of our cells would he not have agreed with the well known Oxford atheist Anthony Flew who said:

“Super-intelligence is the only good explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of nature.”1

The agnostic must have, indeed does have, another motive for living in rebellion, pretending that God is not who he has revealed himself to be.  You cannot live in face of such overwhelming evidence for God through His Creation without a hidden desire to be a god yourself or worship another  god who upholds your cultural or societal prejudices.  Chris, who often contributes to this blog, explains it well in his caricature of mankind’s false religions and the vested interests they serve.

The Mars Lander represents scientific progression and it my hope that it will take each of the unsaved a step closer to revealing just who they are up against.  That the awe and majesty of the Creator of everything will strike fear in their hearts and they will come to him on bended knees confessing their crimes against Him and pleading for mercy. 

History records that Charles Darwin died an agnostic, who can say but God.  We do know that he was without excuse for he had seen the creation and heard the Gospel as a church attending Anglican so there is hope that one day we will meet.  The Bible says in Paul’s Letter to the Romans that it is appointed once for man to die and then be judged.  Darwin has faced that day we all must face, his knee bowed and his tongue confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Are you determined to cling on to the rapidly changing and disputable scientific ‘theory’ that you are a turbo charged chimp?

  1. Great post. The agnostic and the atheist are to be prayed for, if not pitied, that they do not experience the person of God, through Christ in their lives. As for the question of whether man evolved from apes, I do not look backward for my salvation, I look to the present, and a personal knowledge that God is working in my life, and in the lives of people like you. The question of evolution does not change the fact that man was created purposefully, mankind fell into sin and mental illness via Satan, and man needed a Savior, in the name of Jesus Christ to lead and heal. Personally, I appreciate your willingness to “stir the pot,” and raise these important questions as it is a form of testifying.

  2. Thank you. I have many friends who cling to their flimsy theories. I am looking forward to seeing them humble themselves in glad submission.

  3. Chris Woods said:

    Ha, ha, ha.
    Very funny picture of Charles Darwin as a monkey.
    How can these agnostics be undecided when we have such overwhelming evidence for God as pictures like this?

    Well done by the way for quoting Anthony Flew, the 84 year old atheist philosopher with dementia. If this doesn’t prove the existence of God.I don’t know what does.

  4. You’re welcome. And I am sorry to hear that Anthony Flew developed dementia.

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