Ever Wondered What Luke Warm, Liberal Christianity Looks Like? Here You Go: ” I know there’s something missing, I just don’t know what it is ?”

I am fascinated by modern christian liberal teaching.  As christianity’s currency wanes alongside its continued efforts to be appear relevant I wonder at those who have ministries only offering a partial Gospel.  Below is a great example.  The author seems reasonable, and many, judging by his blog following,  are attracted to his theology, but then they would be  if there’s no calling to repentance.  What secular, christian and other religious observers should note is that when Christianity has been most potent is when the full gospel is preached without compromise.  This was the case in the great revivals under the likes of Spurgeon, Whitfield, Edwards and Wesley, as it was under the persecuted martyrs of the early church.  First I’ll give you the response to the teaching that comes out of Australia then you can have a gander.  Here’s what I said:

“When are you going to pluck up the courage to call people to repentance from sin Graeme?  Jesus is not going to fill a God shaped hole in anybodies heart for he is our redeemer, he has atoned for our sin, the propitiation for sin, he who knew no sin became sin. Come on Graeme, all things are possible through christ who strengthens us. Sin separates us from God, the wages of sin are death, call people to repentance and you will be leading your ministry in Christ’s direction.

Q220 ” I know there’s something missing, I just don’t know what it is ?”.


  1. Chris said:

    “Christianity has been most potent is when the full gospel is preached without compromise.” Anything delivered without compromise will result in devastating human misery. History teaches this over and over. This is, in any case, a contradiction in terms as the Christian message, and without selective quotation, that of all monotheistic religions, is one of tolerance, another word for compromise. I know Adrian with want to say this is the very message he wants preached without compromise, be you can quickly see how you disappear quickly into an enigma, dogma and distortion seized upon by the powerful to control the weak – the most consistent historic religious constant. Another word for without compromise is dogma – sound familiar?

    The problem is that each and every religion wants to plead a special case. Each the factions disagree fundamental with the nuances of how to worship the Abrahamic God. Adrain is simply prizing out something that no person could disagree with, the idea of forgiveness, and mixes it up with some very dangerous extrapolations – “no compromise”

    It’s really simple, the good messages couched by religions exist without religion being in place. Whether humanist, fundamentalist or liberal, we all agree with teaching others as one would like to be treated.

    All that religion does is place a framework for control which always, yes always, leads to human misery on the most enormous scale.

  2. Steve Amos said:

    just wanted to thank you for my review on amazon. from the pit of hell. steve amos. would love to chat,

    • You’re welcome. Happy to get on mission together.

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