Business – Answering The Least Welcome Interview Question

How much do you suppose has been wasted by people joining gyms with intentions to get fit? I am sure if you examined the statistics that compare gym membership with an increase in health and fitness it would reveal an astonishing amount of waste.  What about those novel training contraptions that propose to help you lose your love handles?  How much money has been spent and the love handles remain?  It is apparent, the evidence throughout history points to the truth that mankind’s heart is deceiptful – all the time.

When I deliver business coaching classes I share some of my characteristics with the audience:

I suffer laziness leading to negligence.

I have personal problems that are a distraction.

My optimism fuels complacency.

My impatience encourages me to take shortcuts.

I have heard it said that the most difficult question in interview is, “what are your weaknesses?”.  I have also heard no end of nonsense in reply.  Type in the question to Google and read the lies, disembling, and excuses to explain your weaknesses.  Now you never have to struggle again for the answer is simple, “tell the truth”. Confess you can be lazy; some mornings you wake up and really can’t be bothered, you are distracted on occasion; I have a wife and kids/I am single; it’s not always plain sailing, I can be ridiculously optimistic in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary and sometimes my inclination to impatience spills over, leading to frustrations and shortcuts just to get the job finished.  Hello somebody!

If you are struggling to recognise these characterisics in yourself please refer above to evidence for the deceitful heart then check your reaction next time someone cuts you up in traffic.  Just in case your wondering about my sincerity remember this blog is a matter of public record for anyone who may wish to employ my skills and talents and I would encourage them to read it!  Life is short and the truth is far easier to remember than lies.

Just as gym memberships are purchased with intentions of getting fitter so business degrees are purchased, not without some academic endeavour, with the intention of being a successful businessman. Like the gym equipment the accumulation of business theories are of negligable worth.  There is no substitute for hard work and demonstrating the fruits of your labour.  Have you served well, have you been loyal, obedient and honest?  Has the organisation profited from your contributions culturally, relationally and on the bottom line?  isn’t this is a different narrative is from the conventional utlitarian dialogue?  You too can build a more honest, edifying and enjoyable interview around this kind of conversation that is far better than wrestling to find the right answer pleasing to the interviewer.

This leads me to the photo of the Queen meeting the man who is reputed to have approved the killing of a dearly loved cousin, who was a close friend of her husband.  Have you wondered if your monarch is an authentic Christian, one who has accepted the gift of repentance and forgiveness and knows Jesus Christ as Sovereign, the King of Kings? I think this picture helps.  The smile has the warmth of sincerity and it certainly displays forgiveness for the murder of Louise Mountbatten, his friends and family.  It reminds me that love is a commitment and an action before it is a feeling.  Now take that attitude into your chosen business environment and see your career flourish.

  1. My go to answer is usually, “I have no weaknesses” or the humble “I am made entirely of weaknesses” depending on how I feel at that time.

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