Divorce Explained

Whatever our gig; business, sport or parenting we are trying to filter a cacophony of information.  The thing about cacophony is I can’t discern a melody.  So culture teaches me to make my own, the problem is when I do that I just add another indecipherable sound from which nobody benefits.

What we’re missing is harmony and culture’s solutions consistently fail.  My proposed solution is to ‘stop listening to myself and begin speaking to myself’.  Our hearts, my heart is deceitful.  How do I know? I know because most of the men of our family, my wife’s and my own are adulterers and have divorced their wives?  Doesn’t recognising your heart is deceitful explain why we fail in our intentions to commit to healthier eating, go to the gym, commit more to family and less to career or get control of our finances?

If we are going to begin listening to ourselves we need trusted sources of wisdom. I need to find my rightful place in the orchestra and place myself under the authority of the conductor.  Then, alongside others who have recognised their limitations, I can contribute to a melody that is pleasing to the ear.  Meanwhile, culture is teaching us, and the generations to come that we can all be the conductor and it’s producing an unbearable racket!


For businessmen and entrepreneurs the Chief Nonsense Officer.  A South African offering counselling and coaching to senior business executives in the USA.  He has a radio slot on National Public Radio and broadcasts and produces a refreshing newsletter.

For sportsmen and women www.endurancecorner.com Gordon Byrne’s website provides a rich mine of material, including training sessions. He is triathlon long distance focussed however, he meets the needs of any athlete in any discipline, from jockey to sailor. Gordon also produces a helpful newsletter.

For parents will you summon the courage, knowing how desperately you love your children, to explore Christian parenting resources?  You have nothing to lose and much to gain so take some time to examine the family section in www.theresurgence.com In addition, I have heard that on average children get their first exposure to porn at around eleven years. You’ll find life saving resources at www.xxxchurch.com  where you’ll find resources for men, teens, women and parents.

Edward is 18. He works in the kiosk behind selling sodas, snacks, cigarettes and so forth. I tell him I love to meet hard working young men for I also have sons his age.  He doesn’t smile often so the photo was a special treat for my and it’s my joy to share that treat with you.


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