Have You Noticed

Have you noticed how nothing changes. Read the ancients philosophers, read the story of human history in the Bible and the theme which is most striking is how people were wrestling with the same human problems, disobedient offspring, betrayal, sexual perversion, violence, abuse and so on. Despite mankind’s efforts to rid the world of evil we still keep circling around the same buoy.  One commentator said that life is like an exercise cycle, each generation jumps on peddles like fury to make progress, gets nowhere, dies and the next jumps on.

Despite all the efforts of science, longer lives, new philosophies, political theories and ideas mankind keeps on repeating the same errors.  Now this must be deeply frustrating for the evolutionary theorist who want to promote the idea that we are on an evolutionary path to the next species. Surely after so many thousands of years of ‘evolution’ the process of natural selection would have filtered out some of the human characteristics that lead to anti-social behaviour (I guess the Nazis were evolutionary theorists eager to see the process hastened).  These indian girls are family of the stars of Slumdog millionaire.  They are witnesses to how despite all our best efforts, tears and heartfelt Hollywood tears nothing changes.  There is only one path to change and you need to know that thankfully it is not in mankind’s gift.


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