Who Listens?

These flowers mark the place where a teenage school girl took her life.

The impact of suicide on a suburban community like Churchdown is surprising.  Once people get over the initial surprise it really doesn’t make much difference.  Suicide, it’s causes, ways and which it can be prevented doesn’t enter the daily narrative.  Yes, there are programmes and watch lists run by schools and the Army has processes for identifying would be perpetrators of suicide but the subject remains off the agenda.  Yet the parents and close family have to live with this loss every day with little explanation.  Now there is an explanation, an authentic evidence based explanation that accounts for the rash of suicide. The thing is that self destruction does not come only in the form of jumping from bridges, taking pills or fixing up the car exhaust into you car, suicide is far more pervasive.  Self destruction comes from hopelessness and it is all around.

  1. Chris said:

    Harry, George and I often pass by and reflect for a moment or two. What must that girls life have been like even to have contemplated such an awful thing one can only imagine, such a tragedy. The real tragedy would be if we cannot a least learn a little about humanity or how we can do our small part to improve life for others around us. One day, the smallest of acts could hopefully prevent a series of events that leads to the senseless loss of life and unbelievable suffering for the grieving family. We didn’t know this girl, or her family; but I hope they gain the very smallest morsel of comfort from knowing that her daughter may, through this small memorial and some distant chain of events, have helped others.

  2. Evil is real and it is manifest when people do evil things. The deceit, corruption, neglect, abuse, betrayal, abandonment, and death that we see all around is a consequence of believing the lies that stem from evil. There is nothing in human history to offer any morsel of comfort or indicate that ‘humanity’ has any solution. Quite the contrary in fact. There is more evidence that the girls life was thrown away, of less value than roadside carrion and it will make no difference nor save any lives. She died in the most terrifying circumstances leaving a confused and suffering family. What comfort is there in a pointless and hopeless life?

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