Trying Harder is Not the Path to Success

I am adding to the throng of new year messages, ‘trying harder is not the path to success.’ Do you find that your resolutions fly in one year and out the other?  That’s because like me you have been trying too hard.  The trouble with trying is that it leaves open the option of failure. I want to encourage us not make resolutions but to make choices and back up those choices with a plan.  A man needs a plan.  He has to think about the matter, consider it, reflect on it, ruminate and mull over.  Remember this ladies, a man must have a plan.  Don’t ask where he wants to be in 2012 but ask where he wants to be in his twilight years, those times when the end times are approaching. Ecclesiastes 7:8 says, better is the end of a thing than its beginning. So let’s make New Year choices.

Stop giving yourself a get out clause.  How many times have you heard it said, “I am trying to give up”.  I am trying to give up, fill in the blank….cigarettes, binging on alcohol, porn, spending in my credit card, nagging my children, using my credit card, foods that make you fat, or meaningless spiritualism.  You can try all you want but until you make a choice to stop and then prove true to your word you’re self destructive, pitiful attempts to give value, worth and dignity to your short sorry life will continue to fail.  And just in case you are wondering why I am being so harsh on each of us be reminded that this year alone I have seen enough divorces and suicides to know that soft words make hard people and we need hard words to make soft people. I am seeking people who will accept tough words; words that are rooted in truth – bitter pills to swallow that provide effective treatment for our sickness.

You know those commitments you made that you didn’t keep? Those are lies.  Each of your words count, every single one.  When you say something half true, fail to keep you word or just obfuscate, those are lies.  Do you know why we tell lies? It’s because we are liars.  Do you see the nonsense that says, ‘we are all good people really?’  Introduce me to someone who isn’t a liar, you see, how can you? Then don’t be caught trying vainly to persuade yourself that he’s a good lad really. He’s wicked, so are you and so am I.  Get used to it, it’s the world you live in, look around and know we are no better.  Your life of vanity, self-esteem and over-indulgence of your comforts is leading to your eventual loneliness and destruction.  I am begging you in my New Year’s message to see the world as it is; broken by proud, corrupted, corruptible, greedy, and malicious people.

There is only one person who ever lived his life in complete obedience to its meaning and purpose, who never lied, stole or cursed and was found to be guiltless. Do you know what we did to him? We betrayed, abandoned, tortured and murdered him. Can you at the very least not be intrigued as to how a penniless, itinerant preacher has had such a profound effect on human history? Your life does have meaning and purpose that the world is desperate to keep you from.  For your sake and for the sake of those you love, be intrigued; choose 2012 to think about it.  The cosmic reality is that there’s far more to love than you or I could possibly imagine.

  1. Chris said:

    “There’s Probably No God, So Stop Worrying And Enjoy Your Life.”


    Happy New Year!

  2. If you want to get into examining probabilities I would say that the atheist proposition that nothing came from nothing has a probability rating of a big fat zero. This leaves you a choice of two teams; the team that have turned back to the Creator of the heavens of the earth and the source of love and truth or the team that says, with unfathomable faith, that at one time there was nothing which became something! And they say the Christians are barmy!

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