The picture helps me think about the dangers of potential.  You see we have been brought up in an era with potential as foremost.  It was weaved into the narrative of almost every school report, our employers like to remind us of our individual potential, and our spiritual guides in Nuts, GQ, OK, FeMail or Bella seek to convince us that we have the potential to be all we want to be. I just dropped by to tell you it’s all nonsense.

Let me share with you something that helps to keep the followers of my blog to a minimum:  “Dry your eyes cupcake you are not a princess, you are far from awesome and the only appointment you can be guaranteed not to miss is your appointment with death!”  That’s right we are all going to die and far sooner than we imagine.  My Father was born in 1923, at 87 you would have thought that death would seem rather close to him but you’ll be pleased to know that he carries on living and ignoring his impending appointment with destiny.  This is a double edged sword for while it enables him to carry on living without being morbid it also has the risk of ignoring what awaits.

Now if we came from nothing and are going to nothing then no worries, however, if several billion Christians are anywhere near the mark, that it’s appointed once for man to die and then face judgement (Hebrews 9:27), it might be worth doing some cross-referencing.  Are you sure the ‘goo, to zoo, to you,’ theories of evolution are all they are cracked up to be by our liberal pluralist education establishment?  If beards, elbow patches and membership of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) is your primary trusted source then I have to wonder who the sane one is in this dialogue!

You see one of the root words of potential is potent.  The potency of something is its aroma.  The essence of something will be potent, apparent, you will be able to detect it without ambiguity.  Potential therefore is not speculative, it is evidential.  Those beautiful women in the picture have the potential to be accomplished models, maybe, who knows, highly successful models.  Potential can be crippling if it causes someone to strive beyond their natural ability or worse still miss their gifts and talents chasing worldly inspired dreams.  You see you and I do have a specific purpose. Whether your life be brief or extended into a ripe old age, that meaning and purpose is mapped out, but you need to be able to map read and for that you need to meet the map maker who is the author and perfecter of the faith that will allow you to appreciate what you are living for.

Picture taken a the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

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  1. Chris said:

    I believe Adrain has struck on an important issue; how we describe ‘potential’, but moreover, how our eagerness to receive flattery can lead to exploitation. In the modern western world we have created, and are now perpetuating, a the myth that everyone can be and achieve anything they want. ‘The American Dream’ (N.B. Never in history has social mobility been lower in the US) School’s no longer have competitive sports days for fear of damaging the self-esteem of those athletically challenged. Adrian makes a great point: no one is honestly appraised of their possible limitations. The problem with this ideal is, as well as being wrongly described, it that it suffers from all sots of media and social influences. For instance the media generated idea that fame is a pursuit in its own right and not a by product of hard work, talent or even luck.

    So how should it be described. It’s about redefining success, or rich or wealth. Non of these terms have to have anything to do with money, property or possessions. They could equally relate to good health, happiness, contentment, fulfilment, etc. There is no doubt that rising to and meeting challenges brings happiness. But these challenges need not be exclusive to monetary wealth or fame. Our children need to be educated in the value of all things: hence the truism of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    Adrian points out that having a Nihilist outlook is to blame. He might be right, those with a strong sense of worth derived from a belief in a creator god or guiding teacher may be richer as a result. The problem with this advantage is that there are many disadvantages to perpetuating yet another myth which less and less people have any true faith in. This takes no account of the awful disadvantages when this method is used for evil, controlling and selfish purposes

    Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. ~Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man Under Socialism

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