Interview With a Spouse

The advantage of keeping a blog can be it reveals some of the hidden person. That should be important to a perspective employer who wants to discover the person behind the mask of your CV and carefully rehearsed interview techniques.

I am a particular fan of interviewing spouses of those applying for jobs.  Given that the technology has yet to emerge where our thought bubbles can be revealed then the spouse can be the next best thing.  Would you be comfortable with your wife or husband being interviewed, not with you present, to find out his or her views on your suitability for a particular post?

What if the conversation with your prospective employer was undertaken with a lie detector, where no subject too intimate or off limits, would you still be comfortable?  think about it, if not why not?  How would you have to change the approach to your relationships, your attitudes and your behaviour to reach the place where you are comfortable with your spouse sharing his or her insights to your person and character?  Are you prepared to make that change? What’s the wise thing to do?


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