Hang around with Joshua’s and Cornelius’s friends a short while and you’ll see the consequence of the ongoing struggle between good and evil.  Joshua is an awesome Christian evangelist. He displays a real heart for the marginalised, poorer and struggling communities. The small problem that only God can rectify is that he’s not actually a lover of Christ Jesus yet, but that’s between him and the Holy Spirit.

Most of his friends we meet come from broken homes. It’s usually the mums who are left to fend for themselves because their men have abandoned their commitments. They are struggling at home to provide for, teach and encourage their offspring, some who have different fathers, and it’s tough; much tougher than I give it credit. The ensuing tensions, and frustrations can be confusing and lead to controversy and argument. There are few men I know that would tolerate the circumstances that many of these women have been left with and it’s a glowing testimony to women’s strength, endurance, and most of all love.

My response to accusations of generalising is that in all but a few cases, that I have yet to encounter, it’s ‘generally’ true. We men prove to be the morally bankrupt cowards, who are without the courage and tenacity to stand by the promises.  They want to persuade women to give their bodies away on the cheap with no view of the lifetime commitment that a sexual liaison creates. What’s to be done? Reach out with the truth. When I explained to a 16 year old woman this morning over breakfast, that love is an action and commitment before it’s a feeling, she thought it sounded weird. What’s the lesson there? I submit that we are so caught up in the cultural narrative that says, it’s our feelings that matter most, that now it’s the truth that sounds bizarre?


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