Driving The Bus

I’m driving the bus and my passengers are asleep. We are navigating through majestic scenery, treacherous terrain, sometimes there are hostile forces at hand but we have to stick to the designated route. I want to wake them so that we can share in the experiences but they are having none of it. Their dreams are too enticing.

I like driving the bus, its my task. I may not be the best but I’m getting better. I am really hoping that eventually my conductor will wake up.  A helper to announce where we are and what’s coming up next would make such a difference.  It would help those who are blind to start benefiting from the journey, it would be an encouragement to me when I’m weary and be a valuable defence when we are threatened.  We’ve got to build relationships with the passengers so we can learn to communicate with them. To communicate I need faith.  With faith the urgency of the task, the loving nature of the message and the motivation to protect and provide will be accessible.  My passengers don’t want me leaving my driving post, I can’t stop the bus and the timetable doesn’t allow for a break in the journey, we have to press on.  No matter how crucial it is for the safety of the passengers to know what’s coming up, if I leave my task as driver I will jeopardize all our lives.

How can I wake them? I know that they will wake when we hit the tough stages. When the trials come there will be fear, bewilderment and confusion. They really will struggle to keep going.  So many before have abandoned the journey at this stage and left the bus not realising that there are no alternative routes. If only they would answer the call to wake up, pay attention, and start enjoying the journey.


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