What Are You Thinking About?

I’ve been thinking about the purpose of blogging lately. It is a frightfully vain pursuit so I am keen to let each word count as confession, witness or experience.  Personally I mostly want to hear from affable, gifted, and wise raconteurs. Therefore I dare not assume anyone reading this is any different so and will keep my offer brief giving you time to devote to your favoured muse.  We each know that our lives are short, much shorter than we care to remember, so the escapism that stems from being entertained is essential for breaking the monotony of existence.

I have benefitted recently from reading two books by Adrian Plass: The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Aged 37 and three quarters and The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Christian Speaker Aged 45 and three quarters. I have read funny authors before, Bill Bryson, Stephan Fry or Leslie Thomas but nobody has caused me to laugh so consistently and painfully. Through both these two books, I have reached points where I’ve hesitated to turn the page in case I laugh so much that I have an accident. I have also reached the last few chapters of a charming autobiography by Bear Grylls. He’s more of an adventurer than a gifted writer however, offers some exciting anecdotes on SAS Reserves selection and climbing Mount Everest. At the end of the latest chapter (page 361) he offers this thought which is great:

“If I had to sum up what happened on that journey for me, from the hospital bed to the summit of the world, I tend to think of it as a stumbling journey. Of losing my confidence and my strength o then re-finding it. Of seeing my hope and my faith slip away – and then having them rekindled. Ultimately, if I had to pass on one message to my children it would be this: ‘fortune favours the brave’. Most of the time.”

  1. Joe H said:

    I like your blog…joe

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