Here’s a great title. I was out doing heaves the other day and the smell of death and decay was strong. Reminds me of the smell of religion. Do you know that decaying human flesh, as a stench, is unmatched in nature. Ever wondered why that is?

I have an idea. Our human efforts, morality, religious rules and obedience are the smell of death to your Father in Heaven. If you get over yourself there’s a gift offered. Free, gratis, no charge, just a simple gift of life, meaning, purpose and love. Love doesn’t come at a price. This is news, something to celebrate.

Our neighbours have just had a baby. Tom and Kirsten love baby Bertie. Has he done anything to merit that love, to earn their affection or show that he is worthy of his parent love? It’s a ridiculous idea, as ridiculous as you thinking that you can somehow merit your salvation. Open your arms, get on your knees if you want to and just say thank you, I accept.


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