This is Beautiful

Be honest now, what do you make of the cartoon? Does it reinforce what you know to be true? It certainly would have been a fair representation of what I was taught growing up.

I think it’s a wonderful illustration of culture’s view of the Biblical account of human history. Is it any wonder that so many reject Christianity when so much passion, energy and resources are invested in delivering a false message?

All I would ask is that if this cartoon in any way represents what you understand as being the Biblical story then you are rejecting the promises Jesus Christ made you from a position of ignorance. Think about it. Do you get to meet many ignorant fools? How aware of their ignorance are they?

By all means reject God but please do it from a place of knowledge. By all means embrace humanism, Buddhism, paganism or just embrace nothing accept your own comfort and pleasure, but don’t take the hellish risk of rejecting God based on the lies a nonsense that culture would have you believe.


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