Wake Up

Shall we join the dots?. Here is a series of photographs of people proclaiming their socialist political worldview. They are responsible for the education of children. We have seen these linkages to the radical political left wing within our educational institution since 60s. Socialism, in case you were wondering, promotes the philosophies of pluralism and relativism.  The history of socialist ideas comes through influential atheist thinkers like David Hume and Karl Marx.

Why do we think these secular socialist ideas have taken such grip within the cultural mandate of the UK? Could it be that we have carefully considered the history of these ideas, the consequences and effects on our communities and taken a considered position?  Or perhaps an intellectual elite, with leftist politcal proclivities, has dominated our education system and vicariously imported their worldveiw into our classrooms? I’m just asking.

Just look at the photos and then consider the condition of our society. Go into the high street of an evening after the clubs turn out. Or ask the peers of my nineteen year old son about their responsibilities as men, their meaning and purpose (you could probably cover both these events at the same time). Examine our dependency on government for hand outs, and the relationships between the sexes. I’ve witnessed this, been educated through this system, seen the wrecked marriages and abuse and emerged the other side convinced that this twentieth century political experiment has failed and continues to wreak havoc.

But please don’t get me wrong. I support these teachers’ right to protest, I understand their passionate beliefs. However, no matter how passionately they proclaim their truth claims the evidence shows they are wrong.  My submission is we need a new generation of teachers unfettered by the philosphies of socialism and the people must decide who those teachers are.  I say release our educational institutions from the bondage of big government new ideas, schemes and ideologies. Provide the space and legistlative framework that enables opportunities for voluntary schools to flourish. Schools that can meet the needs of a diverse population: the simple, the bright, the creative, academic, artistic, musical and practical. Create an assessment regime that captures people’s talents, gifts, hopes and dreams. We have a two tier system at the moment with an independant sector that is only accessible to an elite few who invariable go on to succeed, producing personal wealth and tax revenue for the country and the public sector that provides as much a social care service as an educational platform. I say we need a multi-tier system to meet the needs of future generations – let the debate rage.


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