Be in no doubt, we were created to worship, to celebrate, be creative and party. The only question is what are we going to worship, make central in our lives, what will be its sum and centre, give life meaning and purpose? The best way to tell is through your bank statements. Where you direct your treasure is where your heart lays.

Whether you are at sporting venue, Glastonbury or simply down the bookies you’ll see people’s hearts’ spill over in emotion. Now is it a bad thing to go nuts at a concert or watching an exciting sports events, no way, it’s a good thing, you have a right to party. The problem is that if you turn a good thing into a god thing then that’s a bad thing.

When you see football fans turning out in streets to protest at a change in managers that they disapprove of then you know they have a screwed perspective. They have made a good thing, like football, into a god thing. Now if you worship anything other than the sovereign God of the Universe it’s going to fail you. Everything, all of creation, is under him and exists in a world we’ve messed up. As a result, along with you, its decaying so if when you invest all your passions, dreams, talents and treasure in created things, maybe kids, career, success or intellect,  eventually they are going to fail you.


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