The Team

What a great woman to have on the team. Outrageous exhibition that people long for. Imagination, creativity both in person and in those who are back stage. This is where it’s at, challenging convention in a way that people enjoy. Now there are plenty of excentrics out there who may have momentary fame but you need to nurture talent to get to Lady GaGa status. Did you know that my grandma used the term ‘gaga’ to describe those people who had lost their marbles? 

Don’t we love to escape the world? Isn’t that what Gaga, MTV, theatre and books offer? There’s no evidence of the popularity of reminding people that there desire for comfort and adulterous hearts is leading them to hell that I can find? Even soap operas, which I love to occasionally watch, are escapism, to a world of drama, heroes and villains that really bears no resemblance to the drudgery of daily life. Here’s the big idea – life is not as superficial as the world would have you believe, suicide is not painless, only pointless and there is far more to live for than we can possibly imagine.


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