Accountability through Tranparency

It is perfectly reasonable for women to dress to impress. If you are looking for husband and you are fit, healthy and have the attributes and strength of character that will attract the attentions of a suitor then go for it. It’s worth remembering though that beauty comes from within. Despite outward appearances a sister can be modest, dignified and selfish.

What’s with the smokescreen? Why the pretence? Just take the hit. I remember a movie in the 80s, with possibly Dudley Moore, you might remember. He was an advertising executive who had an unexpected urge to be honest. He coined a great line for marketing Volvos which was, ‘boxy but good’. We all thought at the time how hilarious that someone should be honest.

So where are the boundaries in life between bluffing your ticket and revealing the truth? It’s not simple. The poker face is an essential aspect of survival in a world where people are looking to secure the best deal. Warfare is negotiation. More often it involves deception, exaggeration and posturing. How do we know who to trust? Is there anyone you trust who you don’t personally know? There were many people who trusted Dominique Straus khan until he was arrested and now stands accused of rape. You want to build trust? Open your life. This was always a strength of the British Army’s officer corps. Mess life was communual. It brought people together as a family.

Relationships have to be about accountability. These ramblings are seeking to make my life an open book. Do you know that one of the men I trust most to hold me to account is my dear atheist friend? I have written about him previously. I can rely on him to tell me when I am talking nonsense. He is passionate about countering the nonsense he detects in my beliefs and attitudes and takes surgical care in deconstructing what I have to say. Two hours with him can fly by whereas sometimes two minutes with some of my Christian brothers can drag. What’s that all about? I am excited about the day he accepts Jesus’ call to discipleship and I have a new brother who’ll not spare my blushes.

These are the daughters of a Christian woman in Pakistan arrested under blasphemy laws. Similar laws to those abused by the Pharisees to arrange for Jesus’ torture and murder.

The cultivation metaphors the Bible uses are wonderful for helping examine our life and the lives of those with whom we are building trust? We are looking for a healthy tree, in fertile soil that can be cared for so that it produces good fruit. Sometimes that tree may need severe, seemingly brutal pruning. It may look lifeless through the winter season but come the spring and the fresh blossom the dividends of hard work will be apparent.

Don’t fear severe pruning. If your life is without discomfort, if you work hard to protect the status quo and become disgruntled when anyone threatens that comfort, beware. The effects of pruning season on season result in mature trees that are manageable, productive and magnificent. Would you not like to leave the legacy of a magnificent life?

How come mercurial has become fashionable as an adjective? Is it me or have you too found that missing words appear in the daily vocabulary. I am sure I have seen this. Just this week mercurial has cropped up unexpectedly several times. There’s this fashion in unusual adjectives that I have only just cottoned on to. Is something going on?



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