I see soldiers effective in their work because they live and breathe the mission. It’s by developing an intimacy with the problem, through a passion for success, achieved through applying a process with which people have a wealth of experience that complex problems are resolved. Combining process with complex problems exposes a plethora of issues. How one resolves the associated paradox is the cause of continued discussion within the professional body of knowledge and not an issue to be explored here, however, what I have witnessed is the process being essential to comprehending the magnitude of complex social problems that cause and fuel warfare.

I admit to routinely being left befuddled by some of the language though I see others who seem comfortable. I am thinking that’s it’s a case of needing fluency in the lexicon. Bottom line is I work with smart people with a passion for success. My submission is that to operate a successful organization, from refuse collection services, to schools to factories; people need a passion for success. If you do not detect passionate patterns then assume that your organization has margins for improvement.

The professional body of knowledge provides soldiers intellectual stimulus. The deeper one is immersed the more one benefits the people you are serving. This is the same for the football supporter, the athlete, the carpenter or the mad scientist. We are what we do. It doesn’t take long to work out what our deepest passions and desires are. Just think about, what are you living for?


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