I like the concept of tests especially for anesthetists, pilots and vets but strangely tests have never been popular with me, I’ve never been keen to have my weaknesses exposed. Perhaps that’s why I felt reluctant to go through with a standard distance triathlon last Saturday, knowing how little preparation I had it was bound to be tough. I ended with a time not much quicker than my slowest ever which was Bournemouth, back in 1999ish, 2:34. At the Cotswold standard this weekend I posted a desultory, 2:31. The water was freezing, 27 mins, the bike was charming, 1:15 and the run a brisk trot, 45 mins. However, my fears were groundless. I have a gauge for my current strengths and have seen my weaknesses.

However, what about when the real test comes? This fella has AIDS, he’s going through a fiery furnace of unimaginable suffering. Imagine if your own son was going through a degree of suffering greater than this, that he begged you to take the suffering away, which you were able to do, but yet he said, if it is your will I have to suffer, if there is no other way, then so be it?

It is good to know that the aircraft I fly on, along with its pilot has been tested. It is also good to know that Jesus was tested and came through as a conqueror, victorious over death, hell and Satan. That’s a powerful assurance, that gives me confidence, hope and an understanding of Love that surpasses all understanding. Has your philosophy, way of life, mindset, reason for living, past the test?


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