Just a Quickie

Bite size. It epitomizes our approach to living. Give me just enough, the minimum to get me through. We have no time for languishing in something, unless it’s the TV or bed. I really want to spend time soaking in something so it infuses my soul.

What is all this rush, what are we hurrying to? There are so few who sincerely believe in a real, physical eternal heaven, and a conscious, eternal and tortuous hell that I would imagine there would be no hurry to get the earthly portion of this existence finished with.  The trouble is in seeking to cram so much in, accumulate so much wealth to afford to cram even more in that we forget to live. Do you remember those times when you had wished you were doing something else? Those were precious moments that needed to be enjoyed, whether they were fun or not.

You’ll see I haven’t blogged for five days, that’s a combination of lack of inspiration,distractions and……….I just hate to bore you with these indulgent missives. You are after all too busy, too go go. Just for the record you should know that in a short week R&R from the Hindu Kush we have: looked at a house and put in an offer, been to Lyme Regis to check out a potential resettlement course in boat building, I’ve had a day trip to Newmarket to spend time with a friend, where more resettlement was discussed, been out running and cycling, a BBQ with the family of Tom from Cornelius’s school, time worshipping with the people of St Andrew’s Church, including ‘tea at the vicarage’ (quaintly middle England) and this morning I was riding Paul’s horse in the shockingly beautiful countryside around Malvern.  It’s good to take a break to share this record with you. And congratulations, you’ve done well to take the time to slow down to read what’s going on in a fellow human being’s mind and soul. Reading and listening is a discipline many neglect at their peril.



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