A Thousand Words

This is a picture of a Pashtun girl living in Pakistan. 




This girl is following the Buddhist tradition of praying in coffins to bring good luck.




Somehow I doubt this Russian woman spends too much time in coffins.




This is the remaining wall of the temple that was destroyed in AD70. It was in this temple that we saw Jesus at his most angry when he gave businessmen and the religious crowd a good hiding for ripping people off.




Here’s a good man to have on the team.




If you don’t teach them young, someone else or something else will, there’s a ‘hell’ of a price to pay.



Can you remember a situation where parents have been pursuing justice for a their murdered child? Do you think it right that Ratko Mladic should face a jury? Do you want the thief who breaks into your home to be caught? Do you love to see justice being upheld and the guilty being held to account?

I love my wife, my sons and my family. Am I supposed to passively allow an injustice to be perpetrated? Would you think my love sincere if I did not fight for what is just and true? Injustice and lies are diseases. They are not private issues that can be ignored, separated from our daily conversations and left to the individual conscience. It is fear, cowardice and ignorance that allows that lie to live on and it is the cause of  the grief that is leading to destruction.


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