What Are You Living For?

What do you live for? That’s where we’ll uncover the root to our frustrations. That’s where we’ll discover the reason why we struggle. How’s it going Adrian? Let’s face it it’s only me that I can examine with any degree of authority. I know deep in my heart that the solution is Jesus Christ. Only looking at the work he completed on the cross, listening to his promises and obeying his instructions can I have any hope of a meaningful life, a happy marriage, competence as a parent and healthy relationships. So what am I waiting for?


Where I struggle with those issues I almost certainly have hidden idols. This is the blog where we help one another uncover our idols, Usually it’s self. Living for what I can get out of life. So if I get Jesus so I can get a better more meaningful life instead of getting the real King Jesus who is sovereign and let him decide the kind of life I am going to lead. We each have worthless idols. It may be sport, family or success. Those things that give our life meaning apart from Jesus. The point is to have a personal relationship with the real Jesus, get to know him better each day. By having a personal relationship with him instead of seeing him as historical figure surrounded by myth, legend and folklore or a magic talisman I’ll be learning something about him each day and uncover those idols that are causing confusion.

I know, I know, I know, it’s crazy talk but think about it. What are you living for?


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