To Be Brief

We said farewell to a friend yesterday evening who is returning to Georgia USA. Randy is an uber smart guy. He flies apache helicopters, is a graduate of the US Academy at West Point and has been through one of the US Military’s most rigorous academic programmes of teaching and study. He delivered the most striking speech at his farewell supper last. It was not impressive rhetoric, as others had displayed, or humorous anecdotes, with generous plaudits, but simply impressive in its brevity. He simply said, “I first give credit to God and then to my family, I wouldn’t be here without either of them”.

Just think about that. A man who has all the world expects. A beautiful wife, three children, one on the way, admirable talent, intellect, and good looks. Oh yes, I forgot to mention he’s a good looking fella. And he believes with all his heart, strength and mind that he has a Father in Heaven, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, who loves him beyond all measure.

Now the world would like you to believe that he is a deluded fool. There has been so much ink spilt by atheistic philosophers and authors, seeking to explain why someone who is clearly sane and in charge of their faculties could believe in these stories.  They seek to suppress the truth by telling us that religion is a private matter, that the state and religion should be kept seperate, and it is impolite to discuss religion at the meal table. But what if Randy, in his public declaration of the sovereignty of God, is sharing the Truth? Surely it much be at least intriguing? Even the possibility that you could have been sold lies and that there really is source of love, justice and truth is enough to make you wonder who this man Jesus is that they call the Son of God.


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