Not By Reason Alone

Have I told you how I struggle with blogging? It is so self-indulgent. The paradox is I would love to be able to read the thoughts of my grandparents, learn of their experiences, get insights into their thoughts so recording my thoughts seems necessary. It has been said that never has so much been written, be so many and read by so few. There is piece recorded by Solomon in Ecclesiastes, that says there’s an endless supply of books and reading them will grind you down (Ecc 12:12). Just as you need to take care not to believe everything you think you should be careful about what you read.

Turns out the Chairman of the IMF has found himself entangled with the law, and he has a reputation as an adulterer. Seems the Governor of California has been struggling to keep his promises and a women around the world continue to be deceived. How much longer are we going to persevere with this nonsensical enlightenment experiment that seeks to resolve the world’s problems through education, challenging authority and human reason? Are not feminism, humanism, environmentalism and any number of cause’isms’ proving futile?

All I do is present the evidence, anecdotal and photographic but nevertheless know your struggle. The lies the world present are attractive, convincing and sophisticated, that’s why we believe them.  The good news is that nothing I can say will convince you one way or the other, I am nothing but another weak and deeply flawed man, transient in this world for a fleeting life.  Only a supernatural miracle, an intervention from the source of love, compassion and justice will change corrupted hearts and minds.

If, as you claim, your beliefs are the consequence of evolutionary natural selection, then you are genetically programmed to believe what you believe and by your evidence you’re screwed. I’m in the team that says you are in fact gifted the freedom of will to choose. You can be liberated from the lies and nonsense that cause such suffering, but don’t expect for one moment that your fractured and limited reasoning will allow you to understand how it happens. 


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