Shepherding Cats

This is a snatched window of opportunity. My work has taken on a pace that rather hinders my opportunities to write. When given the choice between reading or writing I choose to read these days. The thing is that while I may have a romantic notion that my thoughts may be of some passing interest to the following generations, I cannot imagine 100 years from now in 2111, my great grandchildrens’ children will have any interest in my experiences. Just as I rarely give my grandparents a passing thought, I will be nothing but a historic allien to following generations. And that’s just fine. A new generation needs to focus on what it is becoming. Let the dead bury their dead, life is for living.

The people in Hindu Kush are survivors. When you are up againstpeople who go into battle with sandles in mid winter you know you have a tough adversary. The longer we reinforce the cultural stereotypes of the soft, comfortable, self serving West, the worse conflict will become. Killing is killing, whether it’s the killing of innocents or  the guilty. If you stoop to the level of your enemies then expect to be treated as you treat them. Soldiers, policemen, and judges are an essential component of living in a corrupted world but if you want fairness and compassion then you treat people with fairness, not matter what they have done to you. The cycle of violence can only be broken by someone who has a vision of future peace. Now, seeing as history has shown that mankind cannot deliver that peace that leaves you the choice of a Divine authority or a bleak outlook for mankind. Now the question is, in a world of competing truth claims, are you going to rely on your own intellect, which let’s face it, you have proven time and again it’s flawed? or maybe you’ll choose a broad consensus of people who have impressed you with the quality of their theories, ideas and philosophies.  That’s a problem because we have previously determined that lies are appealing, why else would people believe them? Or are you going to, for the sake of your soul, and the lives of those you love, examine the evidence? Not gather opinions, read loads of books, but look for the evidence, down through time?  I ask because that’s what I am doing and it’s a riot, the history of mankind is an incredible story!

You need a guide, through this history, who has a proven track record and who has delivered results. Can you think of a greater love than someone who has died for you? What if I told you that Plato, Neitzche, David Hume, the Dali Lama or Richard Dawkins were blind fools? What if I told you that when the blind lead the blind they end up falling in a pit? Just asking.


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