A Significant Day

The big idea is that every day is significant. Whether it’s the day of a royal marriage or the death of a fugitive they each count. The reaction to the death of Bin Laden is interesting.  Should we rejoice? He was a husband and a father. There are people who are going to grieve at his death. There are some who will be living under the missapprehension that he has gone to heaven to be with God unaware that rejection of the Truth will lead them to follow Osama to Hell. Is that a reason to rejoice?

Whatever the appropriate reaction we can be sure that there will be a reaction. The question is how are you going to react for it is the reaction of individuals that is going to steer the course of world history. As insignificant as you feel you have role in shaping the future. Our reaction, how we are seen, and the words we choose count. This day is significant, as is tomorrow, for the choices we make today will create your tomorrow.

What’s the wise thing to do?


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