Dressing Gown Joy

Tell me what you want? What’s going to make you happy? What are your hopes and dreams? This is an amazing day. Your alive. Do you know what an amazing gift that is? I am going to live this day as if it is my last. The music has been awesome, the company has been a rich blessing, the dusty weather has been a gift and seeing my colleagues has been joyful. Smiles are infectious, and I am infected and I am hoping that this condition will remain incurable. No matter what life throws at me I really hope that I can see the amazing hope that each day breaths into my soul. What’s brought on this out pouring of joy? A freshly laundered dressing gown, that’s what. There is nothing better than walking back from our bathroom in my freshly laundered gown after a hot powerful shower. This is priceless luxury all enjoyed in the shadow of the majestic Hindu Kush. It gets no better than this.


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